Jaimie Hall Bruzenak is a featured columnist of the RTA site and also a member of this forum. I am posting this press release regarding a seminar that she is giving about supplementing income while living on the road.
Support your RV Wanderlust
Earn money for your RV travels using Workamper expert Jaimie Hall Bruzenak’s proven process for finding a job in this first-ever Workamper University Webinar

* Getting Your First Workamper Job. The six-session course, beginning on January 24, 2009, will be held using Workamper.com’s Webinar technology. Participants will both see and hear the presentation using their computer screen to see the instructor and visuals and their telephone to listen and speak. Classes will be recorded so participants can listen and watch at their convenience if they miss a live session. Click here for complete curriculum, class hours and dates, tuition and list of free bonuses to participants.

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak will lead participants through a process that will enable them to:
• identify what they have to offer Workamper employers and discover why they are valuable.
• discover what they want in a job and identify 20 or more potential employers and learn how to research them.
• figure out how much money they need and have the tools to evaluate a job offer to compute real compensation.
• translate past experience and skills into a dynamite Workamping resume that attracts Workamper employers.
• learn how to identify those employers and to ask the right questions.

The Workamper program has been effective for many roadtrippers over the years and I recommend this program.