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    Hi RoadTrippers! I am planning my dream trip to America (have wanted to come for over 10 years - and have set an approximate time July/August/September for a stay of 6 weeks) and would be grateful for any suggestions for accommodation in particular in hire vehicles that can be slept in if need be.

    Here in Australia we have a company called Wicked Campers which hires small van vehicles which can sleep 2 people in the back and are the size of a normal car. In my searches I have only been able to find a company called Escape Campervans. Can anyone point me in the direction of similar style from Chicago or near abouts? Ideally I would prefer to hire a car/van that is not so obvious as I would be a female travelling alone and certainly don't want a huge RV just for me!

    I am hoping to travel to various speedways and nascar tracks during my stay, and will be travelling from Chicago to Iowa, Missouri, Nashville, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Bristol and Detroit.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Escape is not the only company that I'm aware of that rents small conversion vans, but the other companies I can find have even less locations.

    Escape: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas, or New York.

    Jucy: Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Las Vegas.

    Lost Campers: Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Salt Lake City.

    Campervan North America: Las Vegas, Seattle, or Bozeman.

    Wicked Campers: Los Angeles or Vancouver.

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    Default Renting a mini van.

    Back in 2009 friends loaned me a Dodge Caravan (very similar to the Wickeds). You could look at renting something similar. It would be less conspicuous.

    When the back seats are removed the floor is flat. I had a small camping mattress on one side and a good sleeping bag. My luggage was all stored on the other side. I drove this for five months, including all the way to Alaska and back. It was a comfortable way to travel, as a solo female senior citizen. Nights were mostly spent at campgrounds, though I did spend a few nights at truck stops, where sometimes it is permissible to park over night and sleep in a vehicle.


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