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  1. Default Quirky and unique places

    Me and some friends are planning a major trip around the well as seeing the main attractions of the usa we also wanna see weird and quirky things for instance the Cadillac ranch outside of Amarillo TX.

    I was wondering if anybody on here could give us some help on intersting things to see on route too New Orleans from ArchesNP.

    Much appreciated! x

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    Default Lots of resources

    There is no easy way to find these things -- it takes a lot of research time -- but here are some tips to get you started.

    Our colleagues at roadsideamerica have arguably the largest such collection on the web and you can search by state.

    Other colleagues at TexasEscapes have some very interesting places in Texas.

    We have a small list of such places here.

    It's not very quirky -- but off the top of my head -- I would suggest a visit to the Blue Hole in New Mexico near Santa Rosa...




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