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    Hi All,

    I have a roadtrip in progress of planning at the moment I am attempting to get a road map for this.

    We will coming from San fran - Yosemite - Lake Isabella across to Death Valley and then to Las Vegas, then on to Palm Springs, San Diego and Los Angeles.

    Can anyone recommend a decent map that has things fairly clear and a few city level maps included of the cities we are visiting?

    My nan is actually going to LA next week and I have asked her to pick somethnig up for me, but if i can give her a name of a map thats decent that would really help.

    Research here, gives me some pricey maps! £30-£35 but was hoping they may be cheaper in California, and was hoping to have some advice from the great guys and gals on here!


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    Default Local bookstores

    Hi Funkyfin,

    When planning our trip I went into large local bookstores here in the U.K, and amongst them in the travel sections was everything I needed except one, and that was ordered in for me. This included detailed city maps and state by state maps. The problem with other people buying for you is if they don't understand exactly what your looking for specifically, such as the scale it can be a waste. Have a look in your bookstores close to you, even stores like W.H.Smith may help.

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    thanks for the info Dave, i understand everything you have said and wil of course do this but was hoping i could get things cheaper in USA. I know my nan would get things that would be useful anyway!

    any americans shed any light on this?


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    Default Recommendations

    The prices you are talking about sound extremely high. I'm pretty surprised that you can't find maps for cheaper than that over there. Certainly in the age of Globalization and the Internet, I wouldn't think the prices would be all that different from over here.

    My standby is to just buy a Rand McNally Atlas, which you can pick up at most big box stores for about US$5. However, since you're only focusing on California, I might pick up a California and/or Nevada specific map. Those again should be about $5 each, and you can find them at almost any gas station.

    RTA Also has an entire page of map recommendations, including links were you could purchase them online via Amazon.

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    thanks michael...

    i can find cheaper ones, but depends i just don't knwo which are any good!

    trying to get nevada and california on the one of course too!

    Thanks tho :D

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    Default never a bad one

    I don't know that I've ever found a truely bad map that's commercially available. I've got a few brands that I like better than others, but most any map will work just fine for the average traveler.

    Actually some of the best maps you can get come from the State's tourism department, and are usually free or very low cost. They are usually available at the Rest Areas/Welcome Centers that are often along the interstate near the state line. You sometimes can also get them in advance by contacting the Department of Tourism in the state(s) you'll be visiting.

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    Default A new Maps store on RTA

    We are in the midst of rolling out a new Maps store using Amazon -- and you can see a much broader range of maps and state atlases here. (It is still a work in progress -- so try and ignore the 1/2 displayed images in a few places).


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