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  1. Default What does everyone think on what are good Spring and Summer road trip albums for trip

    Got any favorites or suggestions?
    any rock, pop, or folky rock


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    Default Goin way back

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Its amazing how deep the archives from this forum are. I know this one has come up a number of times before, including the other thread you just found.

    Here is a bit of a "greatest hits" collection of our road music threads and resources
    Good Songs About Road Trips for a Mix Tape (a classic from 2001, mix tapes, remember those?)
    Road Music 2002
    A List of Roadtrip Tunes
    A Blog Entry about Road Trip Music
    the (almost) complete road song list
    And of course I found this one last, Another thread with even more links to other music threads!
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