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    Aiming to embark in the summer of '09. Some friends and I plan to live on the road, no real destination in mind. We plan to pack a tent and camp at night, or pitch tents in the yards of friends we have across the country. Probably spending short periods of time at every "stop." We'd have to generate some sort of income. The budget is basically: gas, insurance, camping sites, *food*, our server space. I plan to keep a website logging photos, blogs, and (podcast/ video updates?).

    I'm basically looking for suggestions to make a quick dollar on the road.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    We've got an entire section with ideas for making money on the road.

    However, it should be noted, that its not what I would call an easy task, and it gets harder when you only plan to stop for short periods of time.

    I would also caution that doing a trip as a group where you plan to pay for the trip by making money on the road is an especially problematic idea. First you'd take the challenges of finding one job while on the road, and you'd multiply that by the number of travelers. It also means that money would be that much more of a potential source of stress and disagreement. What happens if only one of you finds a job, or you can't make roughly equal amounts of money? How will you react if someone takes up a larger share of the financial responsibilities of a trip?

    You've got a year before you embark on this trip. Instead of planning to work on the road, plan to spend the next 12 months saving up enough money to make this trip a reality. If you can't save enough to make it possible, then you need to seriously think if you really can live on the kind of budget you'll be looking at if you hope to find work while traveling.

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