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    Default My Goodness

    You'll definitely have to report in regularly. Looks like you'll be departing England about 4 days after I arrive. I swear the English government is going to start looking into my activities. Everyone I know in England is leaving England for my trip over there.

    Enjoy yourself!


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    Default Oops

    Nothing personal, I'm sure!

    Mike, if you're prepared to pay your own way I'd be very grateful of the guide ;)

  3. Default Oh dear


    Its not the paying the way thats the problem its the permission of "she who must be obeyed" that is lacking, especially as we have a trip to the mid west pencilled in for September.


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    Default Ah well!

    Maybe next time then? ;)

    Do you have any suggestions for the Singapore and Malaysia (Cameron Highlands noted - thank you!) leg? Have you seen the GP track layout in Singapore? Any tips for hotels which might be relative bargains (I say that when you compare the £1000 a night that most 3* hotels will be trying to charge!), any must see/must do's? Have you used the train from Singapore to KL? What is it like and how officious are border control?

    Thanks ;)

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    Default Family in Singapore

    Quote Originally Posted by UKCraig View Post
    Do you have any suggestions for the Singapore
    My niece, Megan, is a consumate world traveler, who happens to be living in Singapore, I will have her swing by and offer some tips here.

    {Feb. 6th update: Megan wrote to say she was the Phillipines traveling... and would check in here next week}

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    Default Thanks!

    Excellent stuff, thanks Mark.

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    I am sure following Mark’s request Megan can give you far better information regarding what to do where to go in Singapore but I would suggest the following as a start:

    Orchard Road District;Haw Par Villa;Jurong Bird Park;Cable car to Sentosa Island;Marina Bay;Bugis Street;Chinatown;Arab Street;Raffles Hotel (really worth a looksee);Boat Quay;Clark Quay;Tang Dynasty City and lots lots more!!. Best way to travel and see it all is shanks’ pony

    If you hire a car the island is really easily covered in a short time.

    Eating anywhere is a real treat and we would always look for Chinese and Malay food.

    Hotels, cannot really help you here we stayed at the Allson which wasn’t over expensive BUT I am told the prices have generally increased quite significantly – this is an area where local knowledge would be paramount.

    Malaysia: Really does depend on how you are travelling.Sorry cannot help with the train we have always used private car and would travel up the East coast through Mersing (super beaches mostly empty),Kuantan (great resort);Beserah (watched catching & drying of Anchovies by local villagers using Buffalo to haul the cart from the sea-fascinating);Frasers Hill;Cameron Highland (previously mentioned);Kuala Lumpur (just a great eye feast of superb buildings(especially the “moorish” railway station),sights and colours;Shal Alam Mosque (south of KL);Port Dickson;Malacca(great old Portugese Town) and Johore Bahru.

    All of the above of course depends on how much time you allowed for this segment of your trip. Hope some of this is helpful


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    Default Good work!

    Many many thanks for the help! I have to confess that I've had so much to do with planning this trip that I've not yet had a chance to look at Singapore and Malaysia in any depth. I now seem to have a very good place to start :D

    Thanks again!

  9. Default Singapore

    Hi Craig,
    I'm Mark's niece and I live in Singapore.
    I don't have time tonight to properly fill you in but I'll come back. When are you planning to be in S'pore and Malaysia?
    One quick note, the train from Singapore to KL is slooow.There are much better and cheaper buses.
    Anyway I will try to get back to you soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Meg View Post
    When are you planning to be in S'pore and Malaysia?
    Megan, Thanks for swinging by here -- Craig is actually on a road trip right now in Florida....
    City: 22nd September Darwin
    - Flight: 23rd September Darwin - Singapore
    - Train: 24th September Singapore - Kuala Lumpur
    - City: 25th September Kuala Lumpur
    - Train: 26th September Kuala Lumpur - Singapore
    - City: 27th September Singapore
    - Race: 28th September Grand Prix of Singapore
    - Flight: 29th September Singapore - Darwin - Melbourne
    Here is the rest of his tentative schedule:



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