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    Default great read

    top pics to! never given any thought to the space centre,untill now. sounds like an interesting place.

    I ran onto the aircraft and, as I made my way to my seat, I could sense all eyes were on me
    is'nt that the worst feeling?
    once on a coach tour in the austrian alps we under estimated the time it took to get back off the mountain in the cable car[to excited going up to notice].we were already pushing for time due to slow service in the cafe. 20 mins late we started to walk to our seat,the ones right at the back. it was like "walking the green mile" lol.

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    Default All eyes

    Thankfully I was so relieved to get on the plane that I didn't care about people gawping! Should have seen their faces when I got free drinks and they didn't - that was a picture - I can only presume they were all bleating about the flight being held before I got on. Still can;t believe they held the plane tho lol

    Of course my bags didn't make the flight. But that was a bonus in the end too - meant I didn't have to carry them through Heathrow and drag them all the way to the car park. And they were delivered to my door a couple of days later by a rather lovely young lady :)

    I sure was impressed with American! :)

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    Default Go ahead. Ruin it for me.

    We were then transported to the Saturn 5 building where, after a pretty average recreation of an Apollo launch which would have been more at home along the road at Disney, we exited the movie theatre to be greeted with one of the most surprising sights. Iíll not ruin it for anyone who hasnít been.
    Who knows when I'll ever get there....and now you've got me burning with curiousity. :)

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    Default Shant!

    All I'll say is... the clue is in the name ;)

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    just want to say thanks for doing this report.

    im planning a very similar trip this july (albeit in reverse), so this has proved very useful!


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    No worries; thanks for bringing it back to the top... I'd pretty much forgotten this trip so it was good to get the opportunity to read it through again :) I hope you have a great trip. I don't know if it will be any help with your planning but I recently posted a trip report from another visit to Florida.

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