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    Default Trip to Ken lake State Park in Sep 2008

    Our club will have the second National Gathering in Sep 2008. This will be at Ken lake State Park in Kentucky. I bought a Jensen Navigation System and trying to learn how to use the unit. The trip is just over a 6 hour drive for here in London,Arkansas. Hope see you on the Road!

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    Default Jensen Navigation System

    I just bought a Jensen 225 Navigation system and having the hard time entering a destigation point. The unit could make it easier on me while travling but It is smaster than I. I can not use it!

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    Default Practice...

    ...makes almost perfect.

    I've found that the GPS systems are pretty good, but not flawless. The trick is knowing when to override the instructions. My problem is that I think I know better more often than I should. When the Pilot says "Off course, recalculating" my wife says "just follow the directions" and she's usually right. Usually my "corrections" get us in worse trouble than if I had just followed along.

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    Default The thrill of discovery

    Quote Originally Posted by RedCorral View Post
    Usually my "corrections" get us in worse trouble than if I had just followed along.
    Yeah, maybe. I doubt I will ever get that accepting. I have found more truly amazing places, precisely because I didn't follow the directions.... Even if that means that I spend a considerable time "semi-lost".


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