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    Default Arizona or bust.... again??

    Well, for those of you not familiar with my travels.. this is my second NJ to Arizona trip in two years.. and yes.. just like the first time.. it was a speed trip with no sightseein or enjoyment during the four days out there.. so for those who are interested.. continue reading

    This report filed after my return to NJ ( thankfully a painless 4 hours on an aircraft as opposed to four days of butt sores on the way out)

    Just like my last trip.. this one was planned for speed and efficiency.. we needed to get some more stuff (don't ask, I know I should've rented a bigger truck last time.. but you can read that story for laughs later..)to our retirement home in Surprise AZ instead of paying additional sums of money to just store it here..

    General travel guide.. PA TPK to Route 70 West(all the way to St Louis) then southwest on Route 44 to Oklahoma City and then the big turn west on Route 40 to Flagstaff and then homeward bound on Route 17 into the Phoenix metro area..

    and so the story will start.. enuff for now.. my hands are still tired from gripping that wheel for 2500 miles and I have not been on a computer for some time... so I will continue later

    Don J
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    Default welcome back

    Good to hear you made another safe trip. We look forward to reading more about it.

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    Default Part One

    So.. how was this trip any different from my previous escapade..

    Well, for one, we had done this before and had the benefit of experience to guide us.. Also.. and a big plus.. we had friends following us (or more likely me following them) in a nice 35 ft motorhome and towing a Jeep for extra comfort ..

    We pulled out of Trenton NJ area on Thursday 08/30 around 8:00 am and I was immediately struck with one of the major issues of motorhomes towing a car.. were do they turn that big thing around?? We couldn't even meet in my apartment complex so we decided to meet at a rest stop on I-95 just across the river..OK... got that done and we got all our fuel (food, of course) into the correct cabins and on we marched..PA TPK here we come.. I was so ready to make quick tracks, that I had failed to ask the rental truck people.. did this vehicle have a governor.. well, you guessed it , it did and I was bummed.. thinking I would at least be able to really explore the open roads of the west ( and by that I mean going as fast as safely possible without every truck in the nation just blowing by me) but we managed to make good time that early morning..stopping along the way for gas and our new found freedom to eat a good lunch in the comfort of an air conditioned and fully stocked motorhome..

    The miles just piled on and I gave some thought to letting my copilot have a turn at the wheel but decided things were going fine and I surprisingly wasn't tired at we had planned our first nites stop in Richmond Indiana, approx 600+ miles for our first day.. Called ahead to make sure our room was ready and still booked (never can tell when you do that Internet thing or make a call to the chains 800 number ) and just watched the miles go on and on till the Indiana border was in sight.. A quick detour through Richmond ( my feeble brain has us get off a the wrong exit, but quickly moved on over to the right place and dinner and a bed was in sight) and then our first stress of the trip.. NO PARKING for the RV/Tow , thankfully my able teammate on this trip hadn't pulled into their lot (remember I called and they told me all was well, but not the case, their idea of a good spot was on the street next to their parking lot) WHAT TO DO.. and the meal was awaiting us thanks to my wife's first experience cooking a meal at 70 MPH..We pondered our options around the hotel, but my friends weren't anxious to be awoken by the local police in the early morning hours , so we looked up and called a KOA campgrounds and off we went to settle in the big beast ( my nickname for the RV) and enjoy a hot meal after a long day..

    whew.. a long but fruitful day.. by my calculations at least 90-100 miles further than we were the last time we did this so the next day would be a charm..

    Till next time

    Don Johnson

    any questions or comments??

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