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    This isn't so much treacherous as the above, but it is funny. My father told me about a time he broke down on I-95 near Philadelphia, while riding with a friend (Stevie) home from work. They blew something in the coolant system, and overheated, so they pulled into a nearby truck stop. Needless to stay the mechanic was on vacation. So my father decided to hitchhike the 30 miles back to the exit near home, to get a another friend of his, (Floyd) who was a mechanic to come back to the truck stop with the tube needed to fix the car. Stevie had said he was going to try to call Floyd and catch up with my dad. Eventually, Floyd's car comes flyin by him, and pulls over to pick him up. no problem, except he had already walked 15 of the 28, or 30 miles.

    well Floyd goes to his garage, and gets the part for the car. My dad asked how Floyd had found him. He said " Well Stevie called me and told me about the car, and said that you had started to hitchhike back to the garage, and that you had probably already gotten a ride." My dad said," Well why'd you come racing out here to pick me up if you thought iI had a ride." Floyd goes "Well I knew you hadn't found a ride, and you were in a good position to get arrested." "What're you talkin about Floyd?" Well Floyd clicks on the radio, and switches to the traffic station. "Urgent Broadcast: Recent prison escape of 6 prisoners, Do not pickup hitchhikers.

    Prisoners believed to be dangerous, if sighted, call police. Prisoners Expected to be wearing orange, and red jumpsuits, I repeat, DO NOT PIcKUP HITCH-HIKERS." Well the irony in this is that my father is wearing Nomex. (It is a fire resistant jumpsuit that is mandatory when working in most refineries. For those of you not farmiliar with it, it is an orange jumpsuit with the workers name stenciled on the back) So Dad, and Floyd go back to the truck stop to find Stevie, asleep in the car, with enough food wrappers on his lap for three people. Well, turns out stevie ate, twice before even looking for a payphone, had a few drinks at the bar after he found it, only then did he bother to call Floyd, and tell him what had happened.

    .......I wish i could get my dad to tell the story on here, there really is something missing from it, without the voice, and charisma you get from a real person.
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