Hi all,

It has been a long time since I started to think about organizing a roadtrip, I'm from Spain so it has been a little complicated to go along, but I've an opportunity thanks to my work (they cover the flights), so I started to think about possible routes, in total I have the first week of july. (saturday to saturday)

The option I liked most was going from Chicago to Washington D.C, at the time I only got some basic ideas about the trip:

- I want to spend a couple of days visiting Washinton perhaps one will be enough for the basics.

- I'm planning to visit the Air Force museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH next to the I70 I think it will take a full day.

With this little info I hope you guys can give me some clues about possible routes and places to visit along the way or perhaps you can think on other possible final destinations.

Thanks in advance!