I'd like input for a road trip starting mid-April from northwestern North Carolina to Ft. Myers, FL, and back, two different routes. Family of four with two boys, 3 and 7.

I'll be working heavily until then so I don't have time to do much research, including working my way through websites. So I'd especially like recommendations for:

1) the "you don't want to miss this" attractions, and

2) the best travel guides out there that we can take along, that correspond well to the following parameters:

We want to make it a relatively quick trip, where our goal is to see the oddball type of attractions that little boys would love (Reptile farms, giant lumberjacks, weird museums). We just want these to be short 15-20 minute pit stops every two hours or so along the way. Our route down would likely be the most direct, i.e. I-77, I-26, I-95, then cutting across FL to Ft Myers (or roughly parallel US Highways). Return via Central FL, maybe the panhandle for an airshow with the Thunderbirds in Panama City, then up through Atlanta.