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  1. Sticky: as does RTA Custom Mapping

    We had the drag and drop feature on the RTA Custom Mapping program as well, but it caused way too many problems with database management and therefore it is currently not enabled.

    Creating a new...
  2. Sticky: good catch -- looks like a spam service

    good catch -- looks like a spam service
  3. Sticky: The Moderators all maintain private lists of our...

    The Moderators all maintain private lists of our favorite threads and posts -- but somehow, even that list doesn't have the video report thread on it.

    OH, well.

  4. Sticky: And the road is actually worse

    Not only is this a sticky -- the road is even more beat up than it was three years ago.

  5. Sticky: It is our least favorite

    Well... mapquest has its fans -- but we are not in that camp -- As a rule, this service has far more problems than any of its competitors. Here are the services we have rated and tested.

  6. Sticky: You need to look at a map!

    San Francisco to Redwood NP is 345 miles (it is nearly to the Oregon state line). Point Reyes is only about 20 miles away -- Calistoga & Point Reyes are less than an hour from San Francisco.

  7. Sticky: An alternative Viewpoint

    There are a bunch of us, who are active on this Forum that would disagree -- the Colorado River provides a beautiful counter-setting to the harsher desert surrounding it. Here is a report from a...
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