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  1. First thing I thought of -- hope your passport is...

    First thing I thought of -- hope your passport is current! You will need it upon returning to the US.

    Second thing -- staying in your car does not get you a decent night's sleep, nor is it safe in...
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    Getting around the lodging prices is difficult...

    Getting around the lodging prices is difficult within the parks. However, it has its positives as you are closer in to the action. We stayed in West Yellowstone, MT, and it meant we had to drive into...
  3. The one in Springfield opened December 11th. ...

    The one in Springfield opened December 11th. It's on 44 actually between Strafford exit and the exit for US 65 -- exit #84, I believe.

  4. The one in Springfield, MO, I believe was their...

    The one in Springfield, MO, I believe was their first expansion into MO. I haven't been down there since they opened, but last fall, we passed it when it was still in the building stages. Massive!...
  5. Navy Housing

    In 20 years of Navy life, we only lived on base for 2 years. That was on a remote base in Alaska. The rest of the time, we were out "on the economy", getting a base housing allowance. There was a...
  6. The Strand -- expensive!

    Coronado, as a general rule, is an expensive place for business or residence. Especially down on The Strand!

  7. Love the photos!

    Thanks for the beautiful photos, reminders of our former home area. Hubby was stationed out there on North Island/Coronado as part of his Navy career.

  8. Laura Ingalls Wilder

    If these aren't already on your list, Laura Ingalls Wilder homes in DeSmet, SD and in Mansfield, MO are very worthwhile and are important to her whole story. I've been to both, though I have yet to...
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    Keeping Kids Busy in the Vehicle

    To solve the "Are we there yet?" problem, my husband and I told our kids that they would be told how many miles we were planning to go that day, and they were allowed to ask how many miles we had...
  10. Short Hikes

    No time for Olympic? That's a shame, as there are some great places to do short hikes in that park. I think we did four or five on our trip. I was going to suggest some of them.

    In Seattle, your...
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    If he's leaving Memphis on Friday, he shouldn't...

    If he's leaving Memphis on Friday, he shouldn't get to Flagstaff until at least Sunday. I've experienced I-40 and I-17 in the show -- the crews are on top of things on the interstates and main roads....
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    I-40 has its own issues, as does every interstate highway. Having traveled across on 40 a number of times over the years (and my former truck-driver husband drove it a lot more!!)...

    * No matter...
  13. Answering questions

    To answer some of the questions you raise:

    Where to base your trip - if you are looking for majestic mountains, beautiful scenic drives, you may wish to "go west". Los Angeles is just one place to...
  14. Hostel names and addresses

    When I googled "AAE Denver Hostel", I got some hits for AAE 11th Ave Hostel and Ember Hostel. The first was listed as "within walking distance of the State Capitol", 1112 Broadway Ave. Ember Hostel...
  15. Sticky: The ones for Colorado helped us when we moved our...

    The ones for Colorado helped us when we moved our kids, almost 6 years ago. They are very valuable in wintertime!

  16. Some thoughts...

    AZBuck and Michael have some good thoughts. The first things *I* thought off as I read this:

    * If you're looking for scenery, the Outer Banks of North Carolina comes to mind.

    * If you love...
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    North Rim & Lodge

    Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge -- did you get a cabin or are you staying in "the motel"? A couple of tips on this:

    * For either, but especially the motel rooms, your car is often a ways from your...
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    Thought the same thing!

    He wouldn't have made it past Joplin if he had gone through on Sunday. It's still bitter-cold here, but at least (for now) it stopped snowing.

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    Sticky: You're right....

    ...they did not mention towing anything. However, since this move isn't for another 3 months, they may decide they're going to have to tow a small U-Haul trailer. So call it things to think about...
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    Sticky: That depends on.... crammed the other vehicle is. When we moved our kids to Colorado (out of San Diego), there were 4 in their vehicle and no room for any more because they had stuff in there. They crammed their...
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    Sticky: Tips for a slightly easier move

    As one who moved out of the San Diego area about 2-1/2 years ago (to central MO), also in two vehicles, here's a tip or two:

    It's much easier to communicate between the two vehicles with a set of...
  22. Sticky: Poll: Sailors, take warning.... Donna

    Sailors, take warning....

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    Ascent: recommended!

    I had forgotten about this thread. For the record, hubby and I now own a Subaru Ascent, which comes in various models depending on what you want in the car. Ours happens to have all the bells &...
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    Shunpiking will add even more miles, too, and...

    Shunpiking will add even more miles, too, and doesn't necessarily completely alleviate the tolls. I was thinking I-135 at Wichita north to Salina, then east on I-70, but part of I-70 in Kansas is...
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    It has long been a fallacy that going south will...

    It has long been a fallacy that going south will avoid ice and snow. Sad to say, our most southern east-west interstates, both I-10 and I-8, see some ice and snow. But the road crews in those areas...
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