• Starbase Studios - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

      starship bridge
      Photo by Dennis Goza
      Admit it, you've always wanted to make your very own Star Trek fan movie, but just didn't have the budget for it. Well, you can solve a great deal of that problem when you're in Oklahoma City by taking advantage of Starbase Studios, a well-kept secret of a facility that features authentically and meticulously detailed sets from the original TV series. It isn't really a tourist attraction as such, but Starbase welcomes visitors by appointment (don't just drop in) and the friendly staff there will be glad to show you around and explain how the sets are constructed and used. So even if you're not interested in shooting a movie, you can still get some great photos and home videos. As of this writing, the sets include ship's bridge, transporter room and sick bay, with a briefing room scheduled to beam aboard in the near future.

      If you go:
      Use the contact page on the website to make an appointment. Note that parking on site is very limited, especially if you drive a large vehicle. But there's plenty of parking in the shopping center next to it. Just avoid driving in the alley between the two because there are some treacherous potholes. Amazingly, there is no charge either to tour the facility or use it for a film shoot. But Starbase does welcome and encourage donations, which it depends on to stay in operation, so bear that in mind.


      2700 South May
      Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73108 USA