• Painted Hills - Mitchell, Oregon

      red sand
      Photo by Peter Thody
      The Painted Hills - designated one of the Seven Wonders of Oregon - are a beautiful natural phenomenon formed by erosion of layers of volcanic ash. These stratifications change colour depending on the time of day and amount of moisture in the atmosphere, and are often at their most vivid late in the afternoon. A number of short boardwalk trails offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in the brilliant, other worldly yellows, oranges and reds of this geological wonder.

      If you go:
      Please, please stick to the trails! The landscape is extremely fragile and it is only too apparent when inconsiderate visitors stray off the path and spoil the experience for others by leaving footprints in the hills.


      Painted Hills Overlook
      37375 Bear Creek Road
      Mitchell, Oregon 97750 USA

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