• Dangerous Man Brewing - Minneapolis, Minnesota

      This brewery is located at the corner of 13th Ave NE and 2nd Street NE in a former brick bank building. Even knowing the address it is easy to drive right past this establishment unless you have happen to be driving past around opening time. The line of people stretching around the block should provide a sufficient point of reference. The beer here is excellent. Served at the proper temperatures and available in Tulips and Pints. A popular way to purchase beer is in Growler and 1/2 growler sizes. At any one time there are 12 beers on tap, plus a very tasty Nitro Cold Press coffee and a homemade soda. Around the bar are several pieces of art from local artists - unique and iconic. No food is available for purchase at Dangerous Man, but you can usually find a food truck parked outside and there is no restriction about bringing in food. Open Tuesday through Saturday. My favorite beer was the Peanut Butter Porter!

      If you go:
      Just down 2nd a couple of doors is the Matchbox Coffee Shop - cash only - but excellent coffee and they have a nice patio in the back. A couple of blocks south on 2nd is the still-majestic Grain Belt Brewery building. Great photo op.


      1300 2nd St NE
      Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Dangerous Man
      +1 (612) 236-4087