• Ajax Cafe - Port Hadlock, Washington

      How about wearing a fun hat while you eat? Pick one of the many hats - in fact, wear a different one for each course! Ajax Cafe is located on the waterfront in the historic district of lower Port Hadlock. Dine on local fresh seafood, locally grown produce as well as local beef and poultry. Breads and desserts are homemade. Yum!

      If you go:
      The cafe is located along the waterfront in the Glaster Building, once home of Samuel Hadlock, the founder of the town. It's open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday, at 5 p.m. Sample menu at website.


      21 N. Water Street
      Port Hadlock, Washington 98339 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Ajax Cafe
      +1 (360) 385-3450