• Powell's City of Books - Portland, Oregon

      If you like to read and are in Portland, don't miss Powell's City of Books in the Pearl District. They claim to be the largest independent new and used bookstore in the world and with 1.6 acres of retail space in this building alone, they can't be far wrong! Powell's carries new, used and rare books. It's an amazing experience to wander through the store. You can also get pastries, coffee or tea in the coffee shop and sell your used books. Powell's buys 3,000 used books per day.

      If you go:
      The main location on Burnside is open daily from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Customer parking garage on 11th. See website for directions. You will also want to pick up a map of the store once you enter so you can locate the sections you are interested in. Apps for finding your way around the store are available for iPhones and Androids. (See website.)


      1005 W Burnside
      Portland, Oregon 97209 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Powell's City of Books
      +1 (503) 228-4651

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      1. Mark Sedenquist's Avatar
        Mark Sedenquist -
        Another must see bookstore -- is the one in Spokane -- Aunties!