• Cathedral Gorge State Park - Panaca, Nevada

      Cathedral Gorge State Park
      Photo by Peter Thody
      Established as one of Nevada's first state parks in 1935, Cathedral Gorge State Park is home to a remarkable collection of spires, cliffs and slot canyons. Created over millions of years, first by volcanic activity, then by the formation of a huge lake and finally by erosion of the sediment at the bottom of the dried-up lake, the most spectacular features are the narrow winding canyons and crevices that extend as far as 100 yards into the rock formations.

      If you go:
      There are a number of well-marked trails and camping facilities are available.


      State Park Road
      Great Basin Highway (US-93)
      Panaca, Nevada 89042 USA

      Mailing address:
      P.O. Box 176
      Panaca, Nevada 89042 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Cathedral Gorge State Park
      +1 (775) 728-4460