Roadtrip #2 - The Great West

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My 2nd roadtrip was restricted more to the western half of the United States, but I got to see more of my favorite places in detail this time. I took my folks on this 4,884 mile, 15-day journey through our beautiful mountainous and desert terrain in the Fall of 2006.
  1. A plethora of wind turbines greet the morning sun while driving along I-10, east of the Palm Springs/Indio, CA area
  2. Our van rental for this trip was a 2006 Dodge Caravan. Dad was impressed with it, and it suited our needs perfectly. We departed at 5:10am PDT on...
  3. A view of Montezuma Castle National Monument in Arizona
  4. A trademark cactus in Sun City West, AZ (near Phoenix)
  5. The sunrise while heading west on I-10 in California
  6. Our first glance inside Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona
  7. The natural river that flows beneath Montezuma Well in Arizona
  8. The pond that is Montezuma Well in Arizona
  9. A desert bighorn sheep was trotting by on one of the lower cliff edges of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
  10. One of the many interesting formations down inside Grand Canyon in Arizona
  11. The Desert View Watchtower on the eastern edge of the South Rim in Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
  12. As we headed up to Monument Valley, AZ on Hwy 163, this rock formation (which kinda resembles a lion's head) greeted us on our way up.
  13. This time I actually stopped to see these Elephant Feet, east of Tuba City, AZ. If you look closely, you'll see me sitting at the base of the closer...
  14. Sunset at Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
  15. The three sisters inside Monument Valley, AZ
  16. I know for sure that none of you have ever seen this picture of Monument Valley, AZ, before. Ever.
  17. Distant view looking east inside Monument Valley, AZ
  18. Size comparison between our rental and one of the rock formations in Monument Valley, AZ
  19. A variety of formations in Monument Valley, AZ
  20. That would be me. That would be the 4 corners marker. You can tell I don't like this place at all.
  21. The fam and I covering 4 states. Woo hoo.
  22. The famous Four Corners monument covering Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado
  23. The last time I went over Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado, it was a one-lane dirt road. Now it's a white-out blizzard! Just our luck to hit a bad...
  24. The Cliff Palace ruins in Mesa Verde National Park, CO
  25. A close-up of the Cliff Palace ruins in Mesa Verde National Park, CO
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