Rural Gems

  1. This little cottage is on Hwy 2, in central Nebraska.  I could not help stopping, and wondering..... at one time someone called this home.
  2. Hwy 2 in central Nebraska... the road less travelled.
  3. And once again the rain was catching up with me... wish I could take it home.
  4. The road less travelled - Central Nebraska Hwy 2.
  5. The Magnificent Round Barn at the State Fairground, Des Moines IA.
  6. Friend and yours truly atop the scenic railway, overlooking Dubuque
  7. The shortest scenic railway in the world.
  8. I could not estimate the length of this barge... but it was LONG!
  9. The barn which caught my attention on Hwy 24 in Ohio, owned by Grant Grundy.
  10. Grant Grundy's pride and joy, a fully restored old tractor which now only comes out for parades and shows.
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