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    Default Maybe you should create one

    Database-driven websites require a lot of maintenance and management. Google seems intent on creating new apps, perhaps you should post a request on their developer forums. Somebody might create one -- but most such applications tend to get built by the people who use them. So.... maybe you need to build one?


  2. Default New tool for calculating toll fees unveiled

    There is an app that calculates toll fees based on addresses of origin and destination.

    Moderator Note:
    This link is an example of the exception to the rule -- where new RTA members are not allowed to post links to personal sites. This is a useful tool -- and so we've allowed it.
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum, leoganssen, and thanks for sharing that discovery. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that app probably wasn't available when the original poster asked the question in 2005, but it certainly could come in handy today!

  4. Default Thank you!

    Thanks for sharing! I am glad and I hope it could be of help for RoadTripAmerica's members.
    And thanks for making the exception, I really appreciate it!
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    Actually there is a cool app "TollGuru" that can tell you toll cost for all possible routes in United States. It calculates cheapest, fastest and other route options based on total cost (gas and toll cost) and time of your drive based on current traffic. And best part is that you can customize it for your vehicle. It covers all toll roads and bridges in United States.

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    Thanks for sharing, and welcome to RTA, Sara! Do you know if this app covers more than a vehicle with 2 axles? Some folks here are towing rigs with an extra axle or two, or are heavier than the normal car.


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