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  1. Default Annapolis, MD to Portland, ME summer road trip

    Hi everyone,
    this is my first time on RTA and hoping to get some great tips.

    We'll be leaving Annapolis,MD for a 5-6 day road trip to Portland, ME. I've only driven as far as just past NYCity on 'get there fast' trips, so any route tips and primarily destinations along the way to see, etc would be much appreciated.

    We're not into B&B's, so will be staying in motels; but we love quaint, artsy towns; nature, the coast and LOBSTER.

    thanks for any tips!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I grew up in Wilmington, went to high school outside Baltimore, and lived for about 15 years just south of Portland on the Maine coast, so I'm quite familiar with that section of the country. There are multiple possible routes and numerous possible stopping places where you can have great lobster and/or a bit of scenery or history. The problem is that you haven't given us enough to go on to begin to narrow all those possibilities down to something manageable. A few questions then:

    Is the "5-6 day(s)" for a one-way drive or for a complete round trip?

    If it's a round trip, how long to plan to spend in the Portland area?

    You say you'd prefer "quaint, artsy towns". Does that mean that you'd like to avoid Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, etc.? Yes, that's entirely possible.

    In addition to quaint towns, would you also prefer two-lane back roads or are you more comfortable sticking to the Interstates? Also see the first question: Will time be a constraint?

    How often and in what sorts of setting would you like to have your lobster?

    Any other specific advice you'd like?


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