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  1. Default Southern CA (Palm Springs) Interstate Roadtrip - Fear of Tall Bridges and Steep Mntn

    Hello everyone,

    I am a single father of 2 daughters. I was looking into taking a road trip this summer from Palm Springs. There is no particular destination, we kind of just want to get out there. We were thinking maybe part of west/midwest(NM/CO/KS/OK/MO/NE), south(TX/AR/LA/MS/AL), or South Dakota (Mt. Rushmore). not all states in each respective region, but maybe some of them.

    The problem is that I have fear of tall bridges- especially over large bodies of water and steep mountains or cliffs. I am sure that it would be almost impossible to not encounter these anywhere we go, but can anyone please suggest any destination where I'd be likely to encounter the least amount, and which route would be best? I can do linear bridges like Golden Gate, but get extremely anxious with curved or or arched bridges, same with overpasses-unless they are multiple lanes-which I can do fine. Similar rule of thumb for mountains, can do multiple straight lanes but get anxious with steep cliffs, 2-lanes, and extreme curvitures.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    The best way to avoid steep cliffs, 2-lanes, and extreme curves, would be to stay on the interstates. They are built to avoid most of those. There are a few exceptions. I-70 through western Colorado has an absolutely gorgeous section through the Glenwood Canyon area, which you are driving almost completely on bridges. However, you hardly would know you were on these bridges unless you look down. It's 2-lanes in each direction in most places, with one or two short sections of 3-lanes in each direction, usually right around the entrance/exit ramps.


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