This is a suggestion for the paper map store, I could not find the appropriate forum.
I see that paper atlases are getting less and less popular every day. Everyone has a map app on their phone. Yet, you still recommend paper maps. Particularly for travel in the American West, where occasionally data plans don't work. I also see that you get a lot of inquiries from visitors from outside the US. Your map store seems to be dominated by Rand McNally and to a lesser extent, Nat Geo, both of which are organized alphabetically, because that is just a consequence of how geography is taught in the US, on an individual, state by state, basis.
So if some poor soul, from Outer Mongolia, cannot remember if Needles is in AZ, NV or CA, this leaves them flipping back and forth between pages, by letter, trying to figure out where they need to get to. I also see that you offer the Michelin series of maps which are (somewhat) uniform scale for the entire country and arranged west to east. Have you ever recommended a Michelin to your overseas members? And have you gotten any feedback on those vs the Rand? I hardly ever use a map any more, paper or electronic, but I do hang on to an old Michelin for emergencies. While I have read enough reviews to know that almost every American absolutely hates the way the Michelin is organized, because 1. The Rand is the way atlases have always been organized and 2. Half of them might not know what state is two states east of the state they are in, so I you probably should not recommend west/east organized atlases to your domestic audience. But the series that I would recommend for your European visitors is the Australian HEMA series:
I have not personally used these because I still have my old Michelin, but they come highly recommended. They are organized west/east and they all have a single 1:1M scale. This is a more detailed scale than the scale in the Michelin. And anyone from a metric country can just eyeball any page and know that one centimeter will always be 10 klicks and 10 centimeters will always be 100 klicks (even if they still have to convert it back to miles). And that poor couple in Needles only needs to turn one page to figure out how to get to Kingman. If you can, when a European asks you for a map suggestion, see if you can sell them this one and see if you get better feedback than the Rand. Just a thought. Thanks.