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    Also if we were to stop the bare minumum that would still allow a safe trip, how many days will it take until we arrive?

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    Getting a nap and getting the quality sleep you need to safely operate a 2 ton machine at 70 mph are two vastly different things.

    You can try to come up with all of the excuses or rationalizations you want to, but what you've proposed is extremely dangerous and can not be done safely. There are plenty of habitual drunk drivers who try to come up with the same sort of excuses and rationalizations. What you want to do is every bit as dangerous. Just like it might take a drunk driver 100 times to get into a crash or get arrested, it doesn't mean the first 99 times were safe - you might try to move forward with your trip anyway - and you might even make the trip without hurting yourself or someone else - but make no mistake, there is no way to do what you've proposed safely.
    Also if we were to stop the bare minumum that would still allow a safe trip, how many days will it take until we arrive?
    As we have told you repeatedly, you need a minimum of 4 overnight stops to safely drive the 2800 miles you want to cover.

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    Ok I am just making sure i heard correctly this is my first time using this site and i feel you are being pretty aggressive and rude about it. I mentioned i dont know alot about this which is why I am prolly repeating questions

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    And i just dont get why the number of drivers doesnt seeem to make a difference to what your saying

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    Default Very simple!

    Quote Originally Posted by Eshav1234 View Post
    And i just dont get why the number of drivers doesnt seeem to make a difference to what your saying
    Sitting in a moving vehicle is fatigueing on the body. For some it can be boring with the danger of highway hypnosis, especially if all the driving is on interstates, Fatigue is cumulative. It is this accumulation which is the killer. It sneaks up on you without you being aware of it, and by the time you feel that extreme exhaustion, you are way beyond being a safe driver. Staying in the moving vehicle trying to sleep - which by then usually will not come - simply aggravates the problem.

    The premise of your whole trip is incorrect. Anything based on an incorrect (false) premise can only bring up an incorrect (false) result.

    You may have slept on your way to Vermont.... but did you then take over and do your stint at driving, and then repeat that the next day, and the day after and yet another day. A multi day road trip is not a collection of one day trips. It can be and often is, very trying on the body, even with the proper overnight stops. Don't think it compares with what you have done in the past.


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    I'm going to chime in and agree: this isn't going to work.

    When I was young once, three friends and I drove halfway across the country without stopping overnight. All four of us arrived at our destination ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTED. I capitalize that to emphasize it. We had a few rules - we rotated clockwise every 2 hours. We stopped for food at the normal hours that one would have breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you were in the driver's seat, you drove for two hours. The other front seat person stayed awake and you talked, keeping you awake. The people in the back were expected to sleep. The problem with that was that the body didn't always want to sleep when it was time, if you did sleep you didn't sleep for longer than 2 hours before switching seats again, so we were all tired. Frankly, we were all probably a driving bomb about to go off.

    No one has been rude to you. We simply recommend SAFETY above everything. If you take your time, you will enjoy your trip a lot more because you won't be exhausted. If you race, you will never want to road trip again. It's our goal to help folks to have the best vacations and trips possible. We love to share our passion, and that happens to be road-tripping in a safe manner.

    You should probably get some plane tickets and fly. The gas prices will probably equal the plane fare, and then you have money for a motel when you get to California. And a far more enjoyable time!


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    Both the Navy and the Air Force have programs to try to prevent young people from getting killed on road trips. After all, the govt spent the money to get them trained and they don't want youthful foolishness to destroy that investment.

    What they demand is that the sailors or airmen write up their travel plans and present it for discussion with their supervisors. If the plan is dangerous, they talk about it, and the supervisor can cancel the leave entirely if warranted.

    You are going to do what you are going to do but if you were in the military, you wouldn't be doing this plan. You're grounded mister! Someday you'll see that it's not because we're mean - it's because we've had time to make more mistakes than you have.

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    Thanks for all the Good advice from most of you guys... Although We decided we are still going to drive and see how it goes but just leave earlier in case of anything happening to get in our way

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    If you are bound and determined to drive more than 600 miles a day, please follow these "Speed Run" procedures. It's the only way to do it that's even close to being safe.

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    I hitchhiked cross country and back. On the way out I caught a ride with a couple in a VW camper, in eastern Iowa. We drove straight through but the sleeping in the camper bedding was good. That is not the case in a sedan. I was 20,and they were mid-20.

    The point in the above posts are from road trippers experience, safety and not losing friendships due to fatigued exhaustion.

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