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    Hey Road trippers,

    My parents are coming from South Africa, and we plan to road trip from Atlanta to New York. The main issue is that we only have 7 days, and although I am not very familiar with that part of the country, I do know that there are many historical locations and places, including Richmond, Charlotte, and Washington DC, all along the way. We also want to spend some time in New York. I realize that a person could spend a week in Washington DC and New York alone, just because there is so much to see. I guess I want advice about what is worthwhile seeing and what we should perhaps leave out for next time. I know leisurely holidays are often more pleasurable, but in this case, we are looking to cram in as much as possible. Perhaps when time is not a constraint, we'll be able to spend more time in this part of the country.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The thing is, there are at least three completely different ways to travel up the east 'coast' from Atlanta to New York. Obviously from my remarks in the discussion I'm pointing you to, I wouldn't pick the run up I-95. But each of the other two has a lot to offer. Again, since those are my recommendations of what to see along the two general routes, they are the sites that I think are worthwhile, those that I would leave out - I did. So, as a first step I'd suggest you look through that previous post and see which one appeals to you more. Also, I would be more inclined to spend time in Washington than New York. I just find it more accessible and easier to get around in (but not to navigate). But I've also had a strange experience where friends from Switzerland were changing plains in New York and had one day for me to show them around. I assumed they would want to see the Statue of Liberty, CenTTral Park, the empire State Building, etc. But no, they wanted to see the Bowery, Hell's Kitchen, and such. I took them to 124th and Lennox when they asked but drew the line at letting them get out of the car to take pictures. So...maybe my suggestions ring true for you and your guests, maybe you or they would like something else. Please feel free to tell us what you'd like.


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