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    Default Leaving from Toronto


    im planning a one year road trip with my boyfriend.
    next year we wturn into 18 and want to start than.
    we want to start in Toronto where he lives and cross the other city's in canada
    and than cross the border to america and basicly travel trough America
    if we like a place we want to stay there for a while, and we were wondering if it is possible to find a job
    so we can make some more money. with a job i mean just a simple job like helping arround in a diner
    or cleaning.
    we are really excited and cannot wait to get on the road

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    Default huge challenges ahead

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry, but while you are extremely excited, you also need to think about some major potential problems that will make your idea a difficult one to achieve.

    First, obtaining a vehicle as a non-resident is extremely difficult. Its virtually impossible to do in the US, and I suspect it is not any easier in Canada. It will also be extremely expensive, as because of your ages, insurance alone will likely run you several hundred dollars a month. Renting a car is simply not possible until you are at least 21.

    Second, getting a job is not possible, and you will have to have all the money you need to live on for a full year before you leave (and you'll need to prove it before you'll even be allowed into the country). You need to have a work visa if you want to work while living in another country, and getting a work visa without some sort of job is basically not possible. In fact, just getting a tourist visa for a year could be very difficult. Again, I'm not as familiar with Canadian rules, but getting a visa to visit the US for that long is an extremely long and difficult process. Even if you are allowed to make a long term visit to Canada, you will only be allowed to be in the US for a maximum of 90 days unless you have a full visa.

    So, considering what you'll need for transportation and just day to day life, do you think you'll be able to save up at least US$30,000 to make this trip work? Even that would basically be the minimum you'd need to survive at the poverty level.

    And even if you overcome those major hurdles, you really need to think about if you are ready to make the commitment to live in tight quarters with your boyfriend for an entire year. Living on the road is fun, but it can also be very stressful, much moreso than just living together in an apartment. You really need to take that into account, and figure out what you will do if you decide that things aren't working out. While I'm sure you are thinking about all the great times you'll have together, you also need to think about the dangers. There's really not much worse than being miserable, in a foreign country, with no way to get home or get yourself out of your situation.

    I hope you can find a way to have an adventure, but hopefully this reality check will also help you focus in on what will both be fun and realistic to achieve.

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    Thanks for you reply!
    and yes now you put it like that you are right it is almost impossible.
    we were just talking about it and decided to start with just a summer road trip
    we want to start in toronto and try to make it to miami if that is possible
    and save up enough money for the whole trip
    thanks alot for your advice!

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    A summer trip could be a much better idea, although as I did mention, even that could be difficult just for transportation. As I mentioned, buying a car is virtually impossible as a non-resident, and renting isn't an option until you are at least 21.

    That's not just you, its the same issue we get anytime we get questions from 18-20 year olds from overseas. Unlike Europe, the US isn't that easy to get around until you are a bit older. If you do decide to move forward, you'd probably have to look at trains or buses to get around. You'd still be able to do a fun trip, but you'll have to take a different approach than with a car.

    Even if you could rent a car, renting in Canada and returning it in the US is generally not possible, and if you found a way to buy a car in Canada you wouldn't be able to sell it in the US without serious customs issues. Actually, getting airline tickets flying into one country and home from the other could also be difficult. I would likely be easier to fly in and out of either the US or Canada. If you are thinking of a one way trip, you might fly into New York or Boston, and then head to Canada before heading back south to Florida.

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    I'm the only one who lives in Europe.
    my boyfriend is canadian and lives in toronto
    so he has his own car so we could just use his car right?

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    YES, that would make things a LOT easier. Your only issues now would be finances and you can only stay in the US for 90 days on the visa waiver program.

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    okay good! thats one thing less to worry about.
    now we just need to make sure we have enough money and the visa.
    and i think 90 days is more than enough tho.
    i hope everything works out! i really want this!

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