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    A friend and I are traveling to Abilene TX from Raleigh NC. There are two different routes I was considering: I-40W through TN stopping in Nashville for exploring OR I-85 S through GA stopping in ATL. Neither route is set in stone. And, we would only choose one of the routes, 40 or 85. This is my first ever (personally planned) roadtrip and ANY tips on great places to stop along the way would make this a really great introduction. Right now, I'm at a loss for ideas. Thanks!
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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The two routes differ by about 30 miles or 10 miles per day of travel. Note, that's three days of driving to cover the 1,400 miles, requiring two nights' stop. Trying to drive 700 miles a day is simply not going to work. So pick whichever route and/or cities appeal to you, but plan on devoting the time necessary to complete the trip safely and enjoyably.


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    Thanks, AZBuck.

    Any suggestions on places to stop along either route?

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    You've really told us nothing about what you might be interested in doing, so its difficult for us to provide any meaningful specific advice in that regard.

    What I can recommend is that you take a look around the site - particularly in the Roadtrip Routes and Attractions sections, that have lots of ideas that might interest you.

    I'd also recommend that you stop back again later this week, when RTA launches a new mapping feature that includes stopping point possibilities along a route.

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    oh ok. sorry. guess i was just thinking people would throw out ideas of things they've done if they've driven a similar route like historical sites or interesting landmarks. i'll keep browsing around. :D

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    Default Roughly Equidistant - Nighttime Stops

    On the I-40/I-30/I-20 route: Cookeville, TN and Hot Springs, AR
    On the I-85/I-20 route: Atlanta, GA and Monroe, LA

    Each of those towns is big enough to offer multiple lodging choices. If you go through Tennessee note that Cookeville is about an hour east of Nashville, so you do NOT want to get a bright and early start on the morning of day two or else you will just run into morning rush hour traffic in Nashville. On the other hand, Hot Springs, AR is a National Park and would make a great exploration stop.

    If you go through Georgia, you want to make sure that you stop for the night on the west side of Atlanta, again to avoid the next morning's rush hour. You could plan to arrive in town before/after evening rush hour on your first day, explore a bit, and then get just out of town in the evening.

    Either way, taking your time will allow you the opportunity to check out some of the other sights along your route of choice.


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