Hello All,

I am still not sure if I am leaving from Wisconsin to the central coast area of California, on Monday or Tuesday. I am driving my daughter's car there, as she is relocating, flying out with the kids on Tuesday. I am driving solo, with the car loaded up, and planning on taking the less weather-influenced southern route. I am changing my mind every day, it seems, but looks like I will be on the road on Thankgiving, and probably in New Mexico. I will try to remain flexible and hone my trip to weather conditions, if possible, avoiding extremes. I also plan on driving 6-8 hours a day, depending on my comfort level.

My first overnight stop will be either DesMoines or St. Louis, and the last before I push for her new abode will be... VEGAS, BABY!!! Unfortunately, I will most likely land on the Thankgiving holiday, and not get a free or cheap room.
If any of you have done the southern route or any variation of, instead of the more direct Iowa, Colorado, Utah route, I would appreciate a few tips of any type; food,lodging, sights, detours, traffic issues, etc.

I posted on another site about eating in Gallup on Thankgiving, and was advised to re-think my timing, and possible land in Albuquerque, instead.
Turkey day tips are appreciated, and I would not mind a diner with formica tabletops and coffee generously poured, at all. I am willing to treat myself to candlelight and linens, too, but my last choice would be Slim Jim's and a 3 Musketeers. BUT, at least I wouldn't be eating alone!LOL!!!