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    Default Uploading Photos for your Forum Posts

    There are two principal ways that photos are uploaded and displayed in Posts on the Forum:

    1. Forum Attachment Manager -- allows you to upload thumbnail images (currently those are only thumbnails, but we may change that in the near term).

    2. The preferred way is to load fuller size images -- roughly 600 x 600 pixels so readers can see them more easily. In order to display an photo on this forum -- it needs to be in the form of an URL -- so it looks like this:
    a. or

    ** If your photo is already in the form of a URL, (it's been uploaded to another site or photo sharing service) -- like example "b" you can load it in your Forum post by:

    1). Clicking on the "picture frame" tool (above)
    2) Pasting in the URL from the photo
    3) Click OK and it will load your photo by placing BB code around it.

    *** If your photos are still on your computer -- you can create photo albums in your member profile and upload hundreds of images. ***Due to a programming issue, if you use the albums in your Forum member profile, you can only upload a single image at a time. If you use the RTA PhotoShare option, you can upload several images to your RTA PhotoShare albums and edit them much easier. **** Keep reading, this really does get easier.... We still support the original forum photo albums, but RTA PhotoShare is much more powerful and we hope you try it.

    CLICK HERE TO SEE THE KIND OF PHOTO ALBUMS, YOU CAN CREATE AS PART OF THE RTA PhotoShare! Scroll down to the next post for some handy-dandy instructions for creating your own RTA PhotoShare photo albums.

    Once they are there.... (and if you are on the Forum)

    1) Click on "RTA PhotoShare" found in the Green Navigation bar on every page of this site.
    2) Click on a photo – it creates both the BB code and URL of that image
    3) Back to the Forum Post – [IMG]if you select the BB code [/IMG]– you don’t need the photo insertion tool
    a. Just paste the photo code in your post and you’re done.
    4) If you are using the RTA PhotoShare -- the medium size image is the one we suggest using on the Forum and again you can just grab the code and stick in your post without any need for using the insertion tool. {Reminder if you're a RTA Contributing Writer and using the RTA PhotoShare to upload images for any of the articles on RTA -- you still need to use the Direct Link URL!}

    ----------4a) Paste the URL (if your photo is in the URL format)

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