Each will have to decide for themselves, but to me, the kids don't remain "the right age" long enough and our (parents) opportunities to both teach them a love for traveling with family and spending quality time away from the regular hustle and bustle of life is worth the extra money. I love traveling and love my children--to me it is a perfect time to be "stuck" in a 15 passenger van with all eight of us for thousands of miles. Of course, as with your husband, I will need one hot meal a day or or my outlook gets a little warped.

However, I say this because I can afford the trip this summer.
Not because we have "enough" money, but rather just making it a priority because time is flying by and you never know what next year will bring.

Then again, maybe I will need the phone numbers to the RVs for sale after our trip. Of course, not to live in, but to live in after because I wont be able to afford anything else!!!! :)