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    Default Block Ice Update

    Having returned from my trip out west, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Block Ice is available almost everywhere throughout the Rocky Mountain states.

    I first found it at Yellowstone, where blocks are available at the campgrounds and gas stations - although many of the grocery/gift stores only had cubes.

    From then on, I really had no problem finding blocks at stores and gas stations in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. It seems like they started to become less common as we headed back east, but that section of the trip also involved more motel stays where I was taking advantage of the motel ice machine and not looking quite as closely for ice in stores.

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    Default Block Ice

    I did look for block ice, but most of the convenience stores I checked on our trip did not have them. Our cooler holds a 9 or 10 lb bag of chipped ice quite easily. We ran into one place that sold 5 lb bags of ice, which was a little small. Yet buying 2 at that point would not have worked (still ice leftover from the day before).

    Maybe it's the places we stay, but most motel ice machines have a big sign that says "Please do not use our ice to fill your cooler", and often a suggestion of places to purchase ice.


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    Default July 2011 block ice report

    I also just returned from a wonderful trip to Nevada, Idaho, Montana, and Utah. We found block ice in the first store we visited in Wyoming (a large liquor/beer store in Evanston), in Utah (a Fresh Market in Park City), and in Montana (Rocky Mountain Supply in Dillon). I don't think we entered a single large grocery or hunting/fishing supply store where blocks were not available.

    We also found blocks in the two grocery stores in Dillon (Safeway and IGA), and in Philipsburg, MT (IGA?). We were in Philipsburg unexpectedly because one of our group wanted to call her Mom on her birthday, so we left directly from the trout stream on the only blistering hot day we suffered the whole trip--but with our coolers 15 miles away in the opposite direction in the cabin. While in P'burg we figured on getting some ice but realized it might not survive a 1.5 hour drive in 97 degree heat and direct sunlight. Hey, what about putting the 4 blocks inside of my neoprene chest waders? We did it, rolled them up carefully, secured the flapping legs with bungees, and dropped the whole unwieldy mass into my even taller and larger friend Ben's neoprene chest waders. Viola! Upon return to camp, virtually no melting had occurred.


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    Default Wind Map -- Great use of web technology

    Peter Thody found this link and posted on his FB page, but I think this is a very cool page to have available to anyone who likes to search for thunderstorms and wild weather. It's a Wind Map....

    Be sure to scroll in and look at your region. Very interesting data!


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    Default Safe Drinking Water on a roll

    I found two more items that I put in my car's Go Kit yesterday.

    One is a version of the old Mylar space blanket, but this one is a one-person sleeping bag measuring 84" x 36". It fits in a tiny box (about 3" x 4") and retails for about $6.50 -- although I've seen them on the Web for as little as ~ $4.00 It's primary use is an emergency sleeping bag -- able to preserve about 90% of a person's body heat, making it a valuable tool if broken down at night in your car. It could also be used as a blanket or ground cover.

    The other device is a drinking straw that can be used to filter drinking water out of the most questionable sources. It doesn't work on water contaminated with metals and solvents (or pool water) but it does remove all of the nasties from most water sources found along the road or hiking trail. More information about the LifeStraw here. I paid about $27 for mine.


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    Default Time to buy a new map for the 2013 Road Tripping season?

    ...and the 2013 Road Atlases are now available... in the RTA Maps Store

  7. Default Inexpensive tent combo pack

    People periodically mention buying camping equipment when they arrive at their US destination. I just saw an ad for a special buy on a 5 piece tent combo -- two person dome tent with rain fly, two sleeping bags and two camping mats. Given the price, I'm sure it is not the highest quality but might be OK to buy just to use for a summer triip It is also off season which explains lower price. The package is $49 at Home Depot, a place I would have never thought to go buy inexpensive camping equipment.

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    Default Black ice forecasting tool

    A good link for checking on possible locations for black ice on roadways in California and Nevada....

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    Quote Originally Posted by PNW Judy View Post
    I gave them my short list because it sounded like they wouldn't want to be bogged down with too much to get back home on the airplane with (or to ship).

    To be honest, my camping list varies depending on the trip. A roadtrip where I'm only camping as a place to spend the night requires far different supplies than a regular camping trip. I'd pack a lot more if I was doing several days in a campground. But here's what I usually pack for road trip car camping:

    * tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, pillow, extra blanket (I tend to get cold at night)
    * telescoping camping chair
    * small battery-operated lantern (I rarely take propane ones on roadtrips and this one is always in my car anyway as part of my regular emergency supplies) and extra batteries. I like to read before going to sleep and you shouldn't use propane lanterns in a tent...that's a huge fire hazard
    * If I think I might take the time to cook: small 1-burner propane cookstove, backpacker-style cooking set, a few of those cheap "Gladware" type of plastic containers in various sizes, a scrubber, small bottle of Camp-Suds for cleaning the pots/pans and other cleaning uses, a small backpacker's style salt/paper/other spices container, can opener, rubber scraper, spatula, large cooking spoon, small plastic cutting board, lots of those little individual portion sizes of mayo, ketchup, and mustard like you get at fastfood places so I don't have to worry about refrigeration or spilling, plastic utensils, paper plates and bowls, and a few paper cups (NOT styrofoam, I feel wasteful enough using paper and styrofoam is very unfriendly to the environment, imho). All this fits in a small duffle bag.
    * If I know I won't be bothering to cook but just want to prepare a variety of foods out of my cooler: a couple cheap "Gladware" style containers, knife, a few paper plates/bowls/cups, plastic utensils, the mayo/ketchup/mustard packets, the salt/pepper/spice container, can opener, and a small plastic cutting board
    * cooler (both 12-volt and small, collapsible ice chest)
    * 1st aid kit (always in car)
    * flashlight with extra batteries (always in car)

    Gosh, I think that's it. If I think of something else, I'll come back and edit.

    ETA: I thought of something. I can't stand buying new batteries for everything all the time (camera, pda, flashlights). I bought an inexpensive 12-volt battery charger that can charge up batteries on the road. This has saved me tons of money. I love it. It only does the smaller AA and AAA batteries but that is what I use most of anyway. If you do this, don't forget to turn it off/unplug it when you're stopped for a significant amount of time, especially overnight, as it is a battery drain when the car is turned off.
    Hello friend I am going through some camping list thread and found this old is really nice one and I already noted down vital points. DO you have some latest lists to share? Please reply..

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    Default Another such list

    Received in a press release earlier today from Marion Bachman is a list of her recommended items for a road trip vehicle.


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