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    Some of the places listed are spelled incorrectly.
    "Chadanocka" = Chatanika, AK
    "Tollaperson" = Tallapoosa, GA or MO
    "Mattua" = Mattawa, WA
    Mattawa is in Ontario, just north of Ottawa.
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    Default Another Ontario reference

    Quote Originally Posted by John Bu8ck View Post
    Mattawa is in Ontario, just north of Ottawa.
    Thanks for clearing this up and welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Perhaps you would like to undertake the challenge of the Ontario A to Z listing? Here for an explanation.



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    Wow that's a cool idea. That was one of my favorite songs growing up as a kid (listened to the Hank Snow version though). I'm going on a big cross-country trip in 2008 and trying to be to all those places would be a lot of fun. :)
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