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  1. Travelling with elderly parents.

    A red flag which jumped out at me is, if you are retired, what age are your parents? That vehicle is not the most comfortable to sit in all day, five days in a row, not like a sedan, and at an...
  2. It only takes a few small changes.

    What you have missed, is that a trip like this needs to be planned the same way an athelete plans a marathon No marathon runner would ever plan to burn themselves out in the first few miles, and...
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    It does not clarify the most frequently raised issue.

    Have only just caught up with this seven month old post.

    After reading the complete page to which it links, I realised it does not clarify the situation for those who wish to travel to other...
  4. Don't leave home without them.

    The value of carrying real paper maps, and not relying totally on the electronics to replace them.

    I wouldn't leave home withoout them.

  5. An authoritive study.

    There was a study posted here some time ago, which equated the hours of sleep a driver had with the likelyhood of having an accident. Eight hours sleep was unlikely to cause that driver to have any...
  6. Hostels and more.

    There are more solo females on the road on any given day, than males. If you feel safe at home, use the same instincts and manners to keep yourself safe on the road. Over a 1/4 million miles I...
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    Cross the border.

    Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Although I have never done this, I have heard from lots of roadtrippers, and on this forum, that it is much cheaper to rent a car in Newark NJ than...
  8. Think again.

    As a driver who has relocated many vehicles for a relocation company, I can only echo what has already been said. This is not something to be organised by an amateur. There are companies which...
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    That plan won't work.... not even with a six month visa.

    All visas to the US have a set number of days you can stay in the US. After that time expires you must leave the North American continent. Canada will not be acceptable, neither is Mexico, the...
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    Good luck but it is not easy to get that visa for tourism only.

    On what grounds do you think you would be granted a B1/B2 visa? You might like to check this thread. The timing as far as when the clock starts ticking is still the same. If you transit through...
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    Think twice.

    It was in 2011, when I finally set about purchasing my van. After a decade of coming to visit, I wanted to have my own vehicle. Check out this thread. There was one member here, who had...
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    You won't miss anything by skipping the South Rim.

    Like Rick, I far prefer the North Rim with its higher altitude and feeling of remoteness due to fewer cars and travellers. It's also much easier to park. The ranger activities and visitor centre...
  13. Hostels and camp grounds.

    You can not just walk ten feet or so into a forest and pitch a tent. You need a permit for that. BLM land is available for camping anywhere, but there are no facilities. The internet is most...
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    Familiarising yourself with the area....

    Sophie, I have been thinking about this quite a bit. Since this trip is still a year away, what would help you most to familiarise yourself with the distances and also where things are in relation...
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    Company vs. experts.

    Ask each person with whom you speak when they last roadtripped in the US, and for how long, If it is not in the last 24 months, for at least a month or so, I doubt they would have anything like the...
  16. Looking back.

    And all of that earlier advice is still relevant...... especially booking your accommodation within the park early.

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    A saying so true.

    That should not be difficult. Just tell your boss, you would rather be late, than DEAD on time!

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    Hear! hear!!

    My thoughts are the same as landmariner. Your time together will be much more memorable if you spend quality time in Yellowstone - at least three full days - in The Tetons and maybe Glacier NP. ...
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    If you are not sure how far you can get, why not...

    If you are not sure how far you can get, why not head out and go as far as you can get until it is time to turn around and head home? possibly via I-5.

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    What I like to do.

    Read up about the history of the areas through which you will be travelling. Who lived there before Éuropean settlement, what was their life like. How did the pioneers cope breaking uniknown...
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    Hear! hear!!

    I'd have to agree, 301 is a lovely drive. Drove it some years ago, and have never forgotten it.

  22. So many choices.

    If you plan to drive the gulf coast road, east of NOLA, I suggest you do it on the east bound leg. It will put you on the side of the ocean, and give you opportunities to pull in to the parking...
  23. Epirbs and other personal locators.

    This concern can be overcome simply by carrying an Epirb or similar personal locator. They are inexpensive and bring great peace of mind. I carry mine whenever I am on the road, be it in the US...
  24. You'll never be alone!

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Let me tell you a little about myself, so perhaps some of your concerns will be put to rest.

    I am a septuagenarian grandmother who has...
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    Not really

    It is relatively easy to avoid the tolls on the way to Boston, and in Boston, especially if you are staying at a hotel outside the city, and use the train to commute for sightseeing. Does not make...
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