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    There is one within a few miles of my Raleigh, NC home

    An local business where I purchase mulch has one. It had been holding a huge paint can at the "Giant Paints" store into the mid 1970s, the store closed, and this fellow acquired it. It's referred to...
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    Narrowing it down, and something to avoid

    Having never been to the Rockies or beyond, most of we Easterners and Midwesterners lack a feel for how huge the western 1/3 of the Lower 48 is. While you could certainly see a lot of it in 10 days,...
  3. I-68 from Cumberland to Morgantown, WV

    A year ago, I-68 from Morgantown to Cumberland was the last leg of a very long day's drive towing our camper. I found the ups and downs to be rather greater than expected, and it was twisty enough...
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    Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP)

    Hello Parky,

    My friend AZ Buck is on target, as usual, with his recommendations. I've just a few tidbits to add:

    The BRP's northern terminus is at Rockfish Gap, some 20 miles west of...
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    Montana, kayak, and hot springs


    My initial thought, having driven from North Carolina to Montana several times, is that you may want to re-think your recreational plans while out there. You mention a "somewhat" time...
  6. Official Notice: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally August 8-14, 2016

    I seem to be the one who advises folks about travel in the Dakotas and adjacent states during the first 3 weeks of August each year. This year's 76th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will draw...
  7. Bypassing Sturgis, SD

    I heartily agree with the sentiment against towing a trailer. With 5 kids under 9 years of age, you have enough weight in the minivan, and enough to look out for, without a trailer.

    Be aware of...
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    And now for something completely different

    When our sons and their identically aged boy cousins were kids, we'd convene for vacation at the family vacation home in Virginia Beach. Easy trip for us from Raleigh but a haul from Kingston, NY for...
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    Yes to the maps

    I see you're already in agreement with the suggestion for some map study. Here are some thoughts which will further encourage you:

    A loop south of I-90 can be made of MT 55 and 41...
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    Been there, done that

    On our one Road Trip to Southern California, we exited I-15 at Victorville and took this route, in reverse, to Santa Clarita and continued through to Ventura. It was a joy to avoid the entire LA...
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    The Crossroads

    If music is a focus of your trip, consider Clarksdale, Mississippi. There are a number of live music venues for blues lovers right in the downtown area (which is but a few square blocks in size). On...
  12. Winter in the Blue Ridge and the Smokies

    Sounds like a fine trip and a striking contrast from Gainesville, FL. Just be aware that late Feb and early March are very much winter dates along the BRP both north and south of Asheville. In...
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    I-81 from east of Knoxville on northward

    I particularly enjoy the Great Valley through which I-81 runs for its entire distance through east TN, VA, WV, MD, and southern PA. It is, however, an older Interstate route and normally carries a...
  14. I'd fly in to SLC

    Given your target area, I'd go to SLC. DEN is a full day's drive, each way, from Tetons/YNP, and given your (wonderfully) leisurely pace, you'd occupy 4 days round trip. With a day of flying out...
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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, no?

    I much enjoy the pastoral scenes in the Shenandoah Valley and the Alleghany Mountains along the west side of "The Valley", as it's called. I also much enjoy the Blue Ridge mountains of central...
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    Touring Virginia

    Hello Niki 64,

    I'd say you have sketched out a very nice trip. A few comments/suggestions from one who has live most of his 60 years in the region, including marrying a Charlottesville-area girl...
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    Sticky: A very nice and leisurely drive

    Hello Leigh,

    I think you've sketched out a perfectly delightful drive and one which can be done at a very relaxed pace. I have not driven VA 42 from Buffalo Gap to VA 39, so I am envious of your...
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    Fairly flat, at least for Montana

    One of the pleasant little secrets of far northern US driving is that I-90, despite its hundreds and hundreds of miles within Montana, is hardly a "trip through the mountains". Yes, you'll see...
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    And further east of Winnemucca along I-80........ Elko, a sizable town which is practically guaranteed to have 24 hour fuel, and 50 miles east of there is Wells, NV, and a Love's Travel Stop, a nice 24/7 facility. I've fueled at a Pilot...
  20. You'll have some company

    Good morning!

    Be aware that your arrival in western South Dakota coincides almost exactly with the beginning of the 76th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which their website shows is August 8-14,...
  21. Winter camping in the Northern Plains and Northern Rockies?

    Howdy Dave,

    Allow me to welcome you to the RTA Forums even though I am not a Moderator.

    Strictly on the basis of having enjoyed a number of ski trips to Copper Mountain-Beaver Creek-Vail in...
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    Northern Rockies from NC

    For a fly-and-drive intended to include GNP and YNP I'd suggest planning a loop using Delta connections to Bozeman, MT. Both Delta and Southwest serve Salt Lake City, and SLC is only about a...
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    "The Devil You Know" indeed

    While I'm all about seeking flat routes for a tow, I am also much about avoiding traffic congestion along the I-95 corridor between about Fredericksburg, VA and Boston, MA, where manhandling a...
  24. Fallacy of "the southern route" for cross country travel demonstrated yet again

    I watched the NBC News last night with more than the usual interest inasmuch as weather instead of politics was the top story. In addition to the heartbreaking tragedies of multiple deaths from...
  25. PCSing to Quantico....keeping it flat as can be

    On a winter trip in a rental truck towing a car (and by all means get a trailer instead of a dolly, as suggested above), I'd be interested in the flattest possible route which doesn't add lots of...
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