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    For a real adventure in map study and planning.........

    .......there are the DeLorme Atlas and Gazetteer and the Benchmark Road and Recreation Atlases. Each publisher offers very detailed maps on a state-by-state basis. DeLorme covers all 50 states...
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    Marginally worth it, at best


    In January 2011 and again in January 2012, I drove from Raleigh, NC to Park City, UT for a family ski trip, first with one of my adult sons, then with both of them. The womenfolk flew while...
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    Two little suggestions--

    Hello (soon to be former) neighbor,

    This is a completely do-able 2 day drive.

    I'm all for missing the (always heavy) traffic from 50 miles south of DC all the way to Boston, I've done the route...
  4. Traverse the Sandhills!

    By entering Nebraska on I-80 and staying on it until Grand Island, you can ramp up to NE-2 for a long diagonal to the west/northwest and enjoy a part of the US which few people know about and even...
  5. Just a couple of quick comments (from a Southerner!)

    Hello, and Welcome Back, from North Carolina,

    AZ Buck has given you some great feedback. I'd just add a bit from personal experience:

    The last 10 days of August can be anywhere between fairly...
  6. Tough sledding, either way


    I normally avoid I-95 between Richmond and points north of NYC at all costs, so advice to avoid it is normally music to my ears.

    That being said, your rental truck/car carrier combo...
  7. Bonner Bridge re-opened 12/14/2013

    The NCDOT re-opened the Bonner Bridge linking Hatteras Island to the NC mainland on Sunday, December 14. Dredging emplaced enough sand around the scoured-out supports to allow re-opening...
  8. Bonner Bridge accessing Hatteras Island via NC 12 closed for emergency repairs

    Today the NC DOT announced immediate closure of the Bonner Bridge, the sole bridge linking Hatteras Island to the mainland. The Bonner Bridge carries NC 12 over Oregon Inlet at a point approximately...
  9. Thread: DC to Portland, ME

    by Foy

    Getting to salt water

    Hello again dinesh75,

    Good to see you're on the Road again. You're a braver man than I, I must say. I wouldn't venture up the northeast corridor over Thanksgiving on a bet. Wednesday's forecast...
  10. This is a nice drive!

    You've been offered some very nice advice here. The drive up US 93 should be terrific!

    At one point or another, I've driven the portion of this route from Elko, NV, on through to Wells, then all...
  11. Oh, and.......... Mapquest told me the distance from my Raleigh driveway to the main exit at Mount Vernon, IL was only 20-22 miles farther via I-40/Nashville as opposed to the I-77/64 route. Should be...
  12. My preference


    I very much favor I-40/24/57 to Mt Vernon, IL rather than I-77/64. The last time I drove it in 2002, I-77 from Wytheville, VA to Charleston, WV was not an enjoyable drive, with the...
  13. Great stuff, and.................

    ......exercising some "skinny pedal discipline" as opposed to using cruise control always helps my mileage.

    I'm not suggesting never using cruise control, but when the terrain is even slightly...
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    AZ Buck makes a strong case

    I-20 crosses the far southwest "tail" of the Appalachians, which are represented by some rolling hills around Birmingham and between B'ham and Atlanta. If one can avoid hitting ATL at rush hour, one...
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    The Appalachians

    I-40 crosses the Cumberland Plateau between Nashville and Knoxville. Most travelers regard the CP as "mountains", but it's only 1,000 to 1,500' higher in elevation than Nashville and Knoxville. ...
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    And herein lies the problem.........

    I suppose we'll have to hope the "smart" cars will be programmed more effectively than our "smart" phones.

    My 26 year-old son says it best: "I love my iPhone, but it makes me stupid."

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    "Death by GPS" again. Almost.

    I just read a story from the western Montana newspaper "Missoulian". It tells of a young couple from Wisconsin who were headed home on October 28 following a visit to Yellowstone NP. They'd booked...
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    Some seldom-seen scenery

    AZ Buck's suggested route is precisely that which I would follow, both for scenery and expediency, with but one exception:

    South and east of the Black Hills is an area known as the Nebraska...
  19. OBX, NC Ferries, Civil War forts, and a little piece of England

    Hello Bill,
    The North Carolina Outer Banks took on the acronym OBX some time back, so for convenience I'll use it here.

    With the kind of time you have to explore, you can consider a...
  20. I-80 topography

    There's not a lot of topo action on I-80 from the Quad Cities, IA/IL all the way to Cheyenne, WY. Some minor up and downs crossing IA, but no long Western-style grades. From Omaha to Cheyenne,...
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    National Parks shutdown; peak colors

    At this date, October 2, 2013, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is closed due to the Federal government shut-down. I have seen a report indicating US 441, the highway bisecting GSMNP...
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    Yes, Dave, and you're of course quite welcome. ...

    Yes, Dave, and you're of course quite welcome.

    With Darby as a stopover point as it is, I'd be much tempted to look at a northeasterly loop from the just past Craters of the Moon off of US 93 to...
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    The Big Hole; Idaho fires


    As close as the Big Hole National Battlefield is to Lost Trail Pass, where US 93 crossed from ID into MT, it's worth even an hour's detour. Just entering the Big Hole on MT 43 is...
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    Far too ambitious

    Hello 7abhi,

    Reiterating some of MM's accurate observations:

    The BRP is 469 miles from Cherokee, NC to Rockfish Gap, VA, where the Skyline Drive (SD) begins and runs another 105 miles to...
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    A friendly suggestion

    It appears you're quoting directions provided by some trip-planning software. If you haven't already done so, get a good highway atlas and study it carefully. By doing so, you would surely see that...
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