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Daily Log 10.25.96 - Milepost 72,104
Plattekill, New York
We visited Jeff Blumenfeld in Darien, Connecticut, and then joined rush hour traffic into the Hudson Valley. We're currently enjoying a beautiful retreat in the trees near Newburgh, New York, a few miles up the Hudson from West Point.

Daily Log 10.26.96 - Milepost 72,115
Plattekill, New York
We spent a good part of yesterday on a search for a cellular telephone signal in the forests near Newburgh, NY. We were finally able to make a connection at the top of a hill. When we began our travels nearly three years ago, cell signals were often elusive or nonexistent outside major metropolitan areas, and we had to use our back-up system, an acoustic coupler connected to a pay phone. Things have improved, but we've learned that life on the road means never taking anything for granted!

Daily Log 10.27.96 - Milepost 72,185
Pleasantville, New York
We're using Pleasantville as a base while we prepare for the Phoenix One to TAKE MANHATTAN! Today we're heading for Battery Park and Times Square, where we'll film a segment for First-TV, a new all-video Web site.

Daily Log 10.28.96 - Milepost 72,276
Pleasantville, New York
We spent most of yesterday in Manhattan, where beautiful weather made our First-TV shoot go wonderfully well. The Empire State Building gleamed in the sun, and we enjoyed a postcard view of the Statue of Liberty. Today we're heading back into the Big Apple, but this time we're taking the train!

Daily Log 10.29.96 - Milepost 72,276
Pleasantville, New York
We took the train into Grand Central Station in Manhattan and visited the offices of People Magazine in the Time-Life Building. Tomorrow we'll be taking the Phoenix to the South Bronx, where we'll be meeting students at St. Augustine's School.

Daily Log 10.30.96 - Milepost 72,411
The South Bronx, New York
Here we are once again at St. Augustine's School, where we'll be visiting Principal Kent Horton and his students. Yesterday the Phoenix conquered over 135 miles of urban Adventureland, and today we'll be heading to Staten Island by way of Brooklyn. This means that by tonight, we will have visited every one of New York's five boroughs.

Daily Log 10.31.96 - Milepost 72,487
Pleasantville, New York
A trip through Brooklyn brought us to Staten Island yesterday, where we were interviewed by the Staten Island Advance, and enjoyed dinner at R.H. Tugs, a restaurant with a spectacular view of the Kill Van Kull. Today we're enjoying Halloween in Pleasantville by attending the costume parade at Bedford Road Elementary School.

--Mark, Megan & Marvin
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