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Daily Log 10.07.96 Milepost 70,591
Clarksboro, New Jersey
We spent the day in the Oxford Circle district of Philadelphia, where the residents of the neighborhood's beautiful row houses do an extraordinarily good job of decorating for Halloween. Lunch at the Mayfair Diner was a real treat, and then we headed over the Delaware River via the Betsy Ross Bridge. In New Jersey, we met Fred, an artisan who designs and restores custom boats in Paulsboro. We'll be back in Philly tomorrow.
Daily Log 10.08.96 Milepost 70,630
Philadelphia, PA
The leading edge of the tropical storm Josephine blew into Philadelphia today, giving us the chance to test our urban driving skills in rain and wind. We threaded our way past the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, and then headed north by Temple University. We're hoping to explore Reading Market tomorrow before heading to the Big Apple.
Daily Log 10.09.96 Milepost 70,729
Allerton, New Jersey
The rainstorm vanished in the night, and we parked the Phoenix One at the top of the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, made famous in the "Rocky" movies. The Philadelphia Inquirer photographer who met us there was worried that our welcome by the security staff would be short-lived, but we probably enjoyed better reception than Sylvester Stallone. At the moment we are perched on the banks of the north branch of the Raritan River, and tomorrow we plan to travel to Pleasantville, NY.
Daily Log 10.10.96 Milepost 70,729
Allerton, New Jersey
We stayed all day in New Jersey, where road angels Ron Zielaznicki and Jeff Cohen came to the aid of the Phoenix One and repaired her on board air compressor. We'll forsake the woods and streams of the Garden State tomorrow as we head east into... NEW YORK CITY!
Daily Log 10.11.96 Milepost 70,925
Pleasantville, NY
Whew! We covered nearly two hundred miles of New York City pavement today. Driving the Phoenix One in Manhattan requires patience, finesse and the willingness to "run the slot". It was a fun and we enjoyed the looks of amazement that our presence precipitated. Our publicists, Nadine Woloshin and Gerry Casanova, came on board for a whirlwind tour of the Big Apple. They introduced us to Kent Horton, Principal of the St. Augustine Parochial School inthe South Bronx. Kent and his staff have created an oasis of education for the children in that challenging part of the city. We hope to return and tell the story of that amazing school. Tomorrow we expect to head to western Massachusetts.
Daily Log 10.12.96 Milepost 70,925
Pleasantville, NY
Today, was the like a "day after Disneyland." For some odd reason we were just too pooped to go back on the road. Blasting down 57th Street with mere inches between the mirrors of the Phoenix and transit buses was akin to riding on the most daring "E-ticket" rides. Today, our progress was measured in footsteps around the block and time spent in conversation with Libby and Matt Brennesholtz. Marvin has been sharing quality time with his buddy, Kermit. Tomorrow we plan to sally forth in the direction of Boston, MA.
Daily Log 10.13.96 Milepost 70,925
Pleasantville, NY
Well, Pleasantville is so pleasant we just can't tear ourselves away. We'll spend the day here, and Boston will probably still be there when we head out tomorrow.
Mark, Megan & Marvin
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