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An Evening's Drive through Washington, D.C.
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Daily Log 9.30.96 Milepost 70,279
College Park, Maryland
This morning we followed Interstate 495, Washington's famous Beltway, west to the Dulles Airport toll road. Our destination was the new headquarters of America Online, where we received a tour of the massive facility. On the way back to College Park, we were caught in a traffic jam, and whiled away nearly two hours listening to the big rigs complain about "four-wheelers" on the CB radio. Tomorrow: A tour of downtown Washington D.C!
Daily Log 10.01.96 Milepost 70,317
College Park, Maryland
Washington, D.C. What a city! We drove into downtown from College Park, Maryland, and arrived at the Capitol around sundown. Traffic was heavy, but crawling through the city center gave us a chance to survey the surroundings. As the sun went down, and lights came up, we made our way to the Jefferson Memorial. Tomorrow, we plan to return by day and explore the Smithsonian.
Daily Log 10.02.96 Milepost 70,317
College Park, Maryland

Today we took advantage of the Maryland bus system and Washington D.C.'s spectacular Metro. We popped out from underground right next to the Smithonian Institution's Museum of American History. Among a thousand other treasures, we saw the original Star Spangled Banner, George Washington's uniform, the oldest functional locomotive in the world, Hillary Clinton's gown, and Mr. Rogers' sweater. We'll share it with you soon in a Smithsonian slide show.


Daily Log 10.03.96 Milepost 70,367
Lorton, Virginia
We spent the morning doing paper work, and then stepped out into a beautiful autumn afternoon. We headed for Alexandria, Virginia, where we had the marvelous good fortune to receive a private tour of the historic presidential yacht Sequoia, which has recently undergone extensive restoration. After dinner at Radio Free Italy, a restaurant recommended by reader Marc Shapiro of Los Angeles, we headed south on Highway 1. We're calling a Wal-Mart parking lot home tonight!
Daily Log 10.04.96 Milepost 70,400
Lothian, Maryland
The leaves are beginning to change here in Maryland, and temperatures dropped into the thirties (F) last night. By way of Mount Vernon and Fort Belvoir, we've arrived in rural Maryland along with hundreds of Canadian geese. Tomorrow we'll be heading north toward Philadelphia.
Daily Log 10.05.96 Milepost 70,400
Lothian, Maryland
The Phoenix One got a rest today as we rusticated in rural Maryland. We took a walk in the woods and Marvin tried to make as many new friends as possible. Tomorrow morning, we'll bid farewell to the forest and begin another urban adventure: Philadelphia!
Daily Log 10.06.96 Milepost 70,557
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The rear fuel tank pump is behaving badly, and the on board air compressor has gone on strike. A leaking waste hose made our morning ritual especially enjoyable. Nonetheless, we made it to Philadelphia after successfully navigating city streets in Baltimore to avoid a tunnel that doesn't allow vehicles carrying propane. Genuine "cheese steaks" at Jim's on South Street improved our outlook considerably, especially since we got to enjoy them with Philadelphia friends Don & Betty Graff.

Mark, Megan & Marvin

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