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Day Trips from Jacksonville Jacksonville Revisited: 3 Lazy Day Trips
Sometimes it's great fun to take off on a lazy-day day trip. These are day trips that don't require a lot of travel time and don't break the bank at the gas pump, either. A while back, Anne Sponholtz took six ambitious day trips from Jacksonville, Fla. This time she returns for some shorter rambles, and discovers a museum, a fort and a beach. (8/28/09)

Day Trips from Seattle Four Day Trips from Seattle, Washington
There are few places in the United States more beautiful than Seattle on a sunny day, but therein lies the rub - "a sunny day." Alas, Seattle is famously rainy, but hey - that's what windshield wipers are for! Put an umbrella in the trunk or put a hat on your head like the locals and join Carol White on four day trips outside Seattle. (5/29/09)

Day Trips from Gainesville Three Day Trips from Gainesville, Florida
In Gainesville, Fla., everyone cheers for the Florida Gators, the resident college team. And road trippers passing through Gainesville often search the nearby lakes and swamps in hopes of spotting a real alligator. On three day trips from Gainesville, Anne Sponholtz encountered no gators, but she drank some fine Florida wine, explored a prehistoric underground spring, and spotted Elvis on a street corner. Join her for some unexpected discoveries in Florida Gator Country. (3/6/09)

Day Trips from Tucson Five Day Trips from Tucson, Arizona
The area around Tucson, Ariz., offers one surprise after another. Who knew that out there beyond the sand and cactus you could see the remains of a World War II POW camp, walk through a Space Age biosphere, add a trogon to your life list, and peer through a telescope at one of the most famous observatories in the world? Jaimie Hall Bruzenak takes you on five day trips, revealing the area's varied cultural history and ecological diversity. (1/23/09)

Day Trips from Long Beach Three Day Trips from Long Beach, California
Long Beach, Calif., is known for its air and sea industries, but what most appeals to road trippers is the surrounding landscape. Head north or south and the Pacific Coast Highway will take you through many storied surf-and-celebrity towns; head east and you can experience both mountains and desert in one glorious loop. Craig Howie fires up the woody. (1/16/09)

Day Trips from Phoenix Six Day Trips from Phoenix
Lots of people have the wrong idea about Arizona. It's not one big, flat desert. Jaimie Hall Bruzenak takes you on six day trips out of Phoenix that reveal a varied landscape, some sophisticated galleries, a visionary architect, a charming ethnic enclave and traces of a Wild West past. (10/10/08)

Day Trips from Salt Lake City Five Day Trips from Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City is a day tripper's dream. Located at the junction of Interstates 80 and 15, it offers easy access to an epic Western landscape that lies just beyond its bounded suburbs. Within minutes, you can find yourself driving through winding riparian corridors, down mountain canyons and along scare-your-mother byways. Gerry Wingenbach takes you on five classic day trips through the American West. (10/10/08)

Day Trips from LA Six Day Trips from Los Angeles
There's this to say about cars and Los Angeles: You can't live with them and you can't live without them. But get beyond the gridlock of its notorious freeways, and there are plenty of places to explore within day-tripping distance of the city. Olivia Neri takes you to six popular Southern California destinations. (9/12/08)

Day Trips from Charleston Five Day Trips from New York City
Day trips from New York City? Most visitors rarely venture beyond the core of the Big Apple, but true road trippers heed the call of the road even in the midst of big-city diversions. Join our new columnist, Lynne Christen, on five day trips away from the crowds and clamor. Don't worry. She'll have you back in time for curtain rise on Broadway. (8/15/08)

Day Trips from Charleston Five Day Trips from Charleston
If you thought the "Low Country" meant Belgium and Holland, then you're in for a pleasant road-trip surprise. In the United States, the term -- often spelled "Lowcountry" -- refers to the southeast section of South Carolina and environs, a stretch of tidal marshland extending from Charleston, South Carolina, to Savannah, Georgia. It is an area of famously gracious history and cuisine, not to mention beautiful coastal islands and beaches. Carol White takes you on five roads trips out of Charleston. (8/8/08)

Navajo Five Small Mountain Towns from Denver
Denver is well known as the "Mile High City," and many out-of-towners are surprised to learn that it's as flat as an ironing board. That's because it sits at the western edge of the Great Plains -- a high plain, to be sure, but a plain none the less. If it's mountain towns you want to explore, you'll have to head west into the Rockies. Lisa Mercer takes you on a circuit of five mountain towns within easy reach of the city. (7/23/08)

Navajo Touring the Navajo Nation
The Four Corners area of the Southwest is special. The colors of the rocks are like nowhere else. The rich heritage of Native American culture and history is well preserved in many national parks in the region. The Navajo Nation also has several points of historical and geologic interest that are protected by the Navajo Parks and Recreation Department. These Navajo tribal parks lend themselves both to individual exploration and to a nice loop trip out of Flagstaff, Arizona. Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak shows the way. (6/27/08)

Orlando Six Day Trips from Orlando, Florida
Some people come to Orlando and then never set foot outside of Disney World. But if you have a vehicle and a hankering to escape the Magic Kingdom, there is plenty of adventure to be found in parts of Florida that make easy day trips from Orlando. Anne Sponholtz shows you an unusual beach, some glass bottom boats, a Greek community, mermaids, manatees and -- outer space. (6/27/08)

Portland Five Day Trips from Portland, Oregon
An Oregon governor once famously urged tourists to "Come visit, but don't stay." His concern was environmental protection, and 37 years later Oregon is still a leader in that field. It also boasts an $8.3 billion tourism industry that is largely built on the state's natural beauty. Both laid-back and scenic, it is a road-tripper's dream. Carol White takes you on five day trips out of Portland. (6/13/08)

Jacksonville Six Day Trips from Jacksonville, Florida
Day trips out of Jacksonville, Fla., can take road trippers either to the coast or inland to the Georgia and Florida interior, whose rivers, creeks, lakes and swamps are the background for some interesting stories. In less than two hours you can see an alligator, visit a civil war battleground, learn about submarines or discover a princess. Anne Sponholtz takes the wheel. (4/25/08)

Lake Mead Easy One-Day Road Trips from Las Vegas
Yes, Las Vegas is a great destination, and of course there's no reason to leave the Strip once you get there. But if you've got time, wheels and a yen to explore a bit beyond the neon, Las Vegas is also a great starting point for a wide variety of one-day or overnight road trips. Here are six routes that will transport you to the wild wonders surrounding the southern tip of Nevada and still get you back on the Strip in time for dinner and a show. (2/15/08)

Anchorage to Seward Anchorage to Seward on Alaska's Highway One
With a single day to explore the vastness of Alaska, Megan Edwards skipped the package tours and picked up a rental car. Her solitary road trip along Alaska's Highway 1 reveals America's last great frontier in all its autumn glory -- birch trees, glaciers, moose and all. (12/7/07)

Fly and drive Fly-and-Drive Road Trips
Free time to take an extended road trip is a precious commodity, and as fuel prices continue to inch upward, the "fly-and-drive" road trip makes more and more sense. Taking advantage of air trips to hub cities lets you grab some "found time" for short-but-sweet road trips. (8/26/07)

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