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Eveleth, Minnesota
Contributed by Rod & Judy Ness of Hermantown, Minnesota
World's Largest Hockey Stick
Rod Ness

Eveleth, Minnesota is the home of the U. S. Hockey Hall of Fame, which makes it an appropriate location for the world's largest*** free-standing hockey stick and puck. Eveleth is about three hours north of Minneapolis-St. Paul on US Highway 53. This is actually the second version of the world's largest hockey stick. The first one was a reproduction of a Christian Brothers Pro stick built in 1995. It was located at the corner of Grant Avenue and Monroe Street.

The newest big stick was installed on June 18, 2002, it is 110 feet long and weighs over 10,000 pounds. It was designed and built by Sentinel Structures of Peshtigo, Wisconsin, which is one of the nation's leading firms in the development of structural glued laminated timber.

US Hockey Hall of Fame
801 Hat Trick Avenue
Eveleth, MN 55734

Tourism Resources in Eveleth

There is also another Hockey Hall of Fame located in Toronto, Ontario.

***Note: Craig Finnestrad wrote on 3/20/07 to report that there is a much larger hockey stick in Duncan, British Columbia. The one in Duncan was built in 1985 and is 205 feet long and weighs 61,000 pounds. Looks like it really is the undisputed "World's Largest Hockey Stick."

...Or maybe not... On August 12, 2007 we received this e-memo from Melinda St. Sauver, a reader in Eveleth:

First, allow me to say that I hadn't intended to write this, but figured I might as well since someone else took the time to write earlier this May. I just wanted to clarify one point... Craig Finnestrad wrote to inform you about the other stick, and it was stated that it (the Canadian one) is the undisputed largest hockey stick. In truth, it's very much disputed. It is a matter of definition I suppose... Please refer to the City of Eveleth's official web site: "…Canadians do have a wooden structure of a hockey stick that is both longer and heavier, but it was turned down by the World Book of Records since the sculpture was not a real hockey stick…"

So... it boils down to this. They have the largest sculpture, and we have the largest real hockey stick. So if any giants ever need to play hockey... our stick is the one they will use.

But then again... On October 28, 2009, we received this memo from "A Vancouver Island Resident:"

The hockey stick in Duncan BC is the largest per:

The Guinness Book of World Records officially bestowed the title of world's largest hockey stick on July 14, 2008 after a 20-year battle for recognition. At one third the length of Duncan's stick, residents of Minnesota can no longer claim their 21-metre wooden hockey stick to be the biggest.

It [the Duncan stick] is not a hollow sculpture but a wooden stick reinforced with steel. Because we all know if giants were to play hockey they would need a really strong stick.

With Guinness on their side, it looks like Duncan has won the war of the oversized hockey sticks. At least for now...



Photographed by Rod Ness 1/13/07
Posted on RoadTrip America 1/07

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