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June, 2004
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Many road trips are inspired by a desire to find something. The "something" can be external - a new home or ancestral roots. It can also be internal - a search for happiness or the meaning of life. The journey may be long and arduous, or it may be short and fulfilling. When travelers set out on such quests, they might well have no itinerary, no idea of how long their trips might last, or the slightest notion of how to finance their wanderings.

When we hit the road in March, 1994, we were embarking on a quest. In the beginning, we were searching for a new life in the wake of the fire that destroyed all our earthly belongings. As the adventure continued (and lasted years longer than the six months we originally anticipated) our purpose expanded and evolved. Although we no longer live fulltime in a motorhome, "journey" has become our metaphor for life itself. It's an energizing way to live!

Through RoadTrip America, we have met (both online and in real life) many travelers on questing journeys. A number maintain wonderful Web sites. Here are a few that just might inspire you to embark on a quest of your own:

Del Leu & the Bixby Bridge
The span Uncle Henry built: Del Leu at Big Sur's Bixby Bridge

In March, 2001, Del Leu quit his long-term job as a transportation planner for a consulting firm in Oregon and began preparing for an extended road trip that would take him all over the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. His Web site chronicles his on-the-road adventure from May, 2001, to December, 2003. On his quest, Del discovered a rich family heritage he was completely unaware of before his journey. He now knows that he is related to Benedict Arnold, to the family that manufactures Kohler toilets, and to Gustav Rasche, who was known throughout Minnesota in the 1800's as "Mr. Alfalfa. He visited the famous "Bixby Bridge" near Big Sur, where his great uncle once worked, and he wrote a detailed account of the attack at Pearl Harbor related to him by his uncle. Del has created a truly memorable site with great maps, well-written articles, and over 4,000 photos. Del's site is online at

Raising funds for a worthy cause inspires a number of road trips each year. A little simple math reveals that the cost of many of these quests exceeds the sum raised for their causes, but the good will they can generate is a priceless intangible. Here are two of our favorite money-raising road trips:

Four identical Land Rovers are, right this very minute, exploring the Australian outback while raising funds for Parkinson's disease research. The team's quest is to drive across 34 countries while circumnavigating the whole world. Check out the site at

In August, 2003, Gary and Peter Flanagan drove a 1995 Chevy conversion van 8,563 miles from Hyder, Alaska, to Pawtucket, Rhode Island, in a record 8 days and 27 minutes. Along the way, they managed to visit all 50 U.S. states (even Hawaii, with a little help from a jet) to raise funds for the victims of the 2003 fire at The Station nightclub in Rhode Island. Click here to read about it online.

At first glance, Bill and Barbara Windsor's quest to sample pies in all 50 states sounds like a "challenge" road trip (which we discussed last month), but their inspiration sets their journey apart. What they wanted to do was discover small town America, and sampling desserts at local eateries turned out to be a perfect way to accomplish it. After 29,000 miles, Bill and Barbara had visited all 50 states and checked out 2,500 small towns. They even rated every piece of pie, cake, crisp, and other desserts they sampled.

Whatever your quest and whatever your means of travel -- even a mouse -- summer is a great time to hit the highway. Hope to see you on the road and online!

Mark Sedenquist & Megan Edwards

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