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Headed down the road, wind in your hair, your honey by your side - what could be more romantic? Not much. At least not until a tire blows and the bickering starts over who left the jack behind. And nothing squelches romance quite like a string of "No Vacancy" signs. Road trips take work, especially if you want romance en route. Megan Edwards gives some advice before you ride into the sunset. [Read more] (5/2/08)

Cupid's Wedding Chapel
Vegas bound? Click here!

Hot Air Balloon Rides: Links to ballooning companies all over the U.S. A sure winner for a romantic adventure.

Wildflower Reports: What’s Blooming Where: Maintained by Sandy Steinman, this site has an extensive list by U.S. state of blooming locations and viewing information.

There's also RTA's own Wildflower Road Trips page.

Furnace Creek Resort: Swimming pools fed by hot springs, the world's lowest golf course at -214 feet, tennis courts, and a real, wild-west saloon make for an unusual romantic retreat.

RTA's Favorite North Coast Hideaway: Stanford Inn near Mendocino, California, offers deluxe accommodations, llamas, canoeing and fine dining.

Texas Wine Tours: Texas Hill Country Wineries host special events in October

Campground Directories: U.S. & Canada

Escapees is primarily a RV club, but it provides a number of services including health insurance, mail forwarding and community involvement opportunities.

travelgay provides a list of the best gay bars, dance clubs, saunas and hotels in the USA.

Hostelling International USA provides a comprehensive list of youth hostels in the United States. does a great job of maintaing an up-to-date directory of American arts and music festivals.

Keeping Romance Alive While on the Road

  • Travel is romantic, but remember that change and unfamiliar surroundings also challenge a relationship in new and unexpected ways.
  • Plan your trip together. Surprise excursions are usually more fun for the planner than the recipient. Why? Because anticipation is as important to enjoyment as the physical experience, and you'll also learn about your partner's preferences as you make your decisions.
  • While you're on the road, extra consideration and kindness towards your partner is a must. Be proactive—past acceptable behavior may not be enough.
  • It helps to assign the responsibilities—then resist the temptation to interfere with how tasks are accomplished.
  • Don't let the grouchies get the upper hand! Eat meals on a consistent schedule.
  • Remember that the journey's the thing. Make it a priority to enjoy every moment, even the unplanned ones.
  • Keep a journal, and if you take pictures, take the time to organize them into an easy-to-enjoy format. Recalling shared experiences is not only romantic, it strengthens relationships in the long term.


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