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Virginia City, Nevada
Virginia City was known in its heyday for its elegant saloons.The Bucket of Blood, housed in a building that has been a saloon since 1876, boasts original Tiffany chandeliers and a picture window with a hundred-mile view. (Click here to see another remarkable sign at the Bucket of Blood.)

Bucket of Blood Saloon

The Delta Saloon & Cafe was the first building to open after the fire of 1875. Its walls are covered with historic photographs and it's also home to "The Suicide Table," a pharo table reputed to have been the cause of at least three deaths. Delta Saloon & Cafe
Lee Busby Five other saloons with names evocative of the Comstock's glory days currently operate in Virginia City: the Bonanza, the Ponderosa, the Red Dog, the Silver Queen, and Fly's Silver Dollar Pub.

Pictured at left is Lee Busby, bartender at the Bucket of Blood. Below, left, is the Silver Dollar's famous Fly, and next to him is John Hunt, a noted Virginia City artist. For more about Virginia City's award-winning beards, click here.

Fly & John Hunt