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Funny Signs

"Right Guy for the Job?"
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Contributed by K.J. of Citrus Springs, Florida:
K.J. writes, "This is an actual sign from an office in Crystal River, Florida. Dr. Anil K. Ram's name is correctly pronounced more like 'Rom.' Many of his patients pronounce it the way it looks, 'Anal Ram.' The fact Dr. Ram is a gastrointestinal physician is even worse. I guess it is good that he is not a proctologist!"

Crystal River, Florida


7/02: Note from Clyde Johnson: "I am quite surprised that Dr. Ram got all the attention, and Dr. Hellstern wasn't even given a nod! Ever had a colonoscopy? It is "hell" on your "stern," or it was until they invented small-diameter, flexible, fiber-optic endoscopes. My first one was done with a 22" solid 1+"-diameter probe. Admittedly, Anil Ram is more pointed, but they both have dire connotations!