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Funny Signs

"It Must Be Love"
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RTA's "Top 100"
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Contributed by Tara Chando of Kingston, New York:
"Decided to go fishing one day," writes contributor Tara Chando. "After buying beer at the grocery store, I asked a guy smoking out front where to get bait. His reply: "Master Bait." Just as I was about to say, "F--you!" and give him the finger, he proceeded to give me directions to Master Bait and suggestions on what to use for the best fish. By the tone of his voice and expressionless face, I came to the conclusion that he was directing me to an actual bait shop. With a car full of laughing friends, I drove where he was pointing. Sure enough..."

East Haven, Connecticut
Photographed by Tara Chando, July, 2002
Posted on RoadTrip America August, 2002