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Wheelchairs On The Go: Accessible Fun in Florida, by Michelle Stigleman & Deborah Van Brunt

The most enjoyable and surprising accomplishment of Wheelchairs on the Go: Accessible Fun in Florida is not that the authors have created an incredibly detailed guide for mobility-impaired visitors, but that the insider information provided on every venue and location can lend richness to anyone's visit to Florida attractions. Unlike most campground and attraction guides, which are written by folks whose grasp of wheelchair-accessible issues is based only on a theoretical understanding, Michelle Stigleman and her adventurous quadriplegic husband Randy have field-tested many of the venues discussed in the book.

Wheelchairs on the Go includes details vital to travelers with disabilities, including the angles of ramps, curb heights, and the presence of physical barriers at each of the locations. More importantly, the book provides excellent tips and first-hand information on overcoming a number of these challenges. For instance, there are specific suggestions for how to board and enjoy rides at most of the Orlando and Tampa theme parks. The book also details tips for obtaining discount tickets and preferred parking opportunities not usually known to the general public. There are also extensive descriptions of specialized equipment that enables mobility-impaired adventurers to participate in high-adventure pursuits like hang-gliding, sky-diving, and swimming with dolphins.

The book also does an excellent job of describing the types of accommodations available. Details such as bed height and the availability of roll-under sinks are typical of the entries. Actual room numbers are listed for motels that have some rooms with roll-in showers. Every section also lists current Web site information on tourist attractions, transportation options and activities in the area. The Appendix boasts one of the most complete resource guide for mobility-impaired travelers currently available.

Wheelchairs on the Go lives up to its promise to deliver good times and fun to Florida visitors, whether they're mobility-impaired or not. If a night-time photo expedition in search of man-eating crocodiles, flyfishing from a 25' flats boat, participating in a quad rugby tournament, watching the Royal Lipizzaner Stallions, lounging at a seaside motel in Palm Beach, or a bird-watching excursion into the Everglades ever appealed to you—get this book.

Mark Sedenquist

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